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Zong Ning: Why become a double eleven 6x glory play the winner? Sohu technology anticipated Tmall double eleven finally passed, more than 120 billion of the turnover again made history. And 2015 is exactly the same, the mobile phone category leading products continue to be double eleven this year, the domestic brand glory, millet, Meizu continues to lead the eleven double stage. This one, as the defending champion glory again to 2 billion 200 million in sales, over second more than 100 million of the alarming figures, Jingdong won the eleven Android + Tmall double mobile phone sales champion! At the same time just released two thousand yuan photo flagship glory play 6X, as the glory of the brand’s new generation main force, to the whole platform Android mobile phone sales in the first and the whole platform thousand machine sales champion champion position for its flagship thousand star status. Then this is just the new sale glory play 6X why can become a winner in the eleven? Glory play X series foundation in fact, won the double eleven single product sales is not the first 6X Title glory play. In last year’s double eleven period, the same as just released soon glory play also won the "Tmall 5X single product sales champion" achievement. Not only that, glory play X series more glory 10m first models — glory play 4X trailbreaker. If so go back, the glory 3X smooth play version can be regarded as the first person glory brand. It can be said that the X series almost glory play is the ultimate glory brand based on the market. So, 6X continues to take the glory play during the double eleven champion, is also "walking on the road to develop the revolutionary predecessors". But have to say, X series has actually been glory play continue to be the flagship model of technical innovation is delegated to one thousand yuan market. It will be eight core processor delegated to one thousand yuan market from the beginning of the earliest glory 3X play version, and then drive the industry over the 4X glory play Netcom, glory play 5X leading metal body + fingerprint recognition technology to the popularity of two cameras today glory smooth play is equipped with 6X, without exception to new technologies further decentralization, decentralization. In addition to the innovative technology, X series glory play has been adhering to honor the quality of spirit, in the United States the most stringent standards based on AT& T upgrade and upgrade, so that the quality has become synonymous with the brand’s glory. Consolidate the position is completely in the thousand X series glory smooth play of the market. The popularity of double perturbation technology is had to admit, in promoting the technology trend of double camera hero, iPhone 7 Plus occupies a very important a space for one person. But in fact, it is the double perturbation technique the initiator of evil glory brand. Back in 2014 glory 6 Plus equipped with a dual camera technology, after continuous improvement and improvement, glory 8&, glory V8 dual flagship is to push this technology to the technical status of the flagship phone. Followed by many domestic brands, as well as iPhone 7 Plus follow up is completely let double camera technology has become a hot topic of consumer discussion. But that’s not enough to make a double shot technology really popular. Look at a mobile phone technology.相关的主题文章: