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Zheng Shuang: do not want their loved ones opinion against Zheng Shuang data figure Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss its grid recently, the city of love "idol smiled very little" in Xiao Nai and Bei men is satisfied for a lot of the audience in the screen before the perfect lover. But the day before accepting a reporter to interview with WeChat, Zheng Shuang has bluntly, Bei Xiao Nai set slightly and perfect to be true ", it is more like you better hope of life. It is reported that, "smiled very little" last night in Shenzhen satellite TV broadcast. Guangzhou Daily: do you like to read when you read the Department of youth novels? Which one do you like best? Zheng Shuang: I actually love more like now shooting "summer solstice summer" role, is that some more down to earth. Guangzhou Daily: that is to say you feel slightly and God of life is not as down to earth? Zheng Shuang: author Gu sister I also said that such a person should not exist. I want to tell you, God is tiny and in real life is not exist. Guangzhou Daily: what do you think of such a thing as "love"? Zheng Shuang: I personally do not love love. But it will be very suitable for this age. Because we have all kinds of pressure, all kinds of burden, but in reality it is not easy to see each other’s true appearance. Guangzhou Daily: many people pay special attention to "slightly" in the kiss. Zheng Shuang: for me to shoot this movie makes my day very edgy mood. Guangzhou Daily: why the mood change? Zheng Shuang: I don’t want to do all the drama kiss. It feels like it’s more than I can bear. I think actors should have a yardstick! Guangzhou Daily: slightly in the play was ridicule from childhood to most of the leaflets were issued, you are in real life? Zheng Shuang: in fact, if received advertising, ah, the first time I was really nervous. When I was a little child in primary school have had this experience, was crying. Remember is a music card, is an open music, then the first time they receive ran Restroom tear it away, and then tell the teacher. Guangzhou Daily: Star love has always been the focus of public attention, do you have any conflict? Zheng Shuang: love is fate! For the feelings of things, I will not deceive you, if stable, I will share. But the feelings of the matter who can say it? I don’t want to share the pressure on anyone. Guangzhou Daily: hope to protect the feelings and protect each other? Zheng Shuang: I don’t want the people I love and the people I care about to be attacked by public opinion. Life is difficult, I think we need to quietly to calm down, to experience, to overcome, rather than all of the negative energy and anger in their mouth, vent in the public can see. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: