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Zhao Xintong reversed in the second round   style; cited O’Sullivan praised the – Sports – people.com.cn original title: the future of the left hand has reversed in the second round of the play Zhao Xintong’s lead O’Sullivan praised yesterday in Snooker Championship first round, 95 Chinese teenager Zhao Xintong outstanding performance in the 1 to 2 behind the unfavorable situation in the next row 5, 6 to 2 victory over Grace into the second round of the British championships. His performance won recognition in the industry, the future worth looking forward to. Take over the game even after the five game of Zhao Xintong this season England open attack O’Sullivan when the performance is amazing in the UK Championship first round match against Grace, he also has a good performance. The first opponent scored the first points. The second game, Zhao Xintong scored 1 to 1. Third Grace 62 61 Qing Taiwan reversed 2 to 1 lead, after Zhao Xintong shot 61 points tied the score. Since then, the Chinese players into the game time, the fifth game Zhao Xintong even get started with a score of 53 points to build a lead to the ratio of 3 to over 2. The sixth inning Zhao Xintong made a 41 to 0 start, after winning the ball after the game scored a total of 9 points, and then win a game of the Bureau of Zhao Xintong, Grace. In seventh games, Zhao Xintong scored 66 points scored, 5 to 2 to match point. The eighth game, Zhao Xintong scored 13 points after the error, Grace chase points after the break of 30 minutes, and then start again, and then scored a super score of the game in the next round of the game, and then play the game in the first half of the game, after the game, the game of the game, after the game, after the game, the first game of the game after the game, after the game, the game was interrupted by points. England’s second round, he will play against Maguire. Optimistic about the future of rocket praised last month in the second round of the England open in Manchester with O’Sullivan, left hand holding rod Zhao Xintong in the first game he played a single pole 130 distinguish Taiwan, which makes the scene of each individual will sit up and take notice. This time the promotion of the second round of the British Championships, many industry experts have said that Zhao Xintong’s talent is beyond doubt, his future is worth looking forward to. "I enjoy watching him play," was recognized as "the most talented player of snooker history rocket" O’Sullivan said, "he is a very good player, so the best scorer, he has such a great skill, he can be every possible ball scored." His performance is also valued by other players, in China’s many talented players, Zhao Xintong is the most prominent one." Now the world’s fourteenth place, Hawkins said, he is very aggressive, a lot of the ball will try to attack, I am sure he will learn a lot in the game in the future, a lot of tactics and tactics." Beijing morning news reporter song? (commissioning editor Zhao Xinyue and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: