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Zhang Wailong: Chongqing veteran life very disciplined young players need to learn Zhang Wailong (data plan) Chongqing evening news behind the Lifan untouchables! Yesterday, the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center once again confirms the rule. In the face of the standings ranked second in Jiangsu Suning, Lifan twice came from behind twice to tie the score, the final by virtue of Kardec’s one shot 2 to 2 draw with Jiangsu. In the get the points after the completion of this year’s Lifan also completely avoid relegation task. Faced with Han Shuai led by Su Ning, Zhang Wailong also said early, in the home court open competition with rivals, should be reported on the road by rival Juesha for revenge. Sure enough, after the opening of Lifan played very active in home court, the first half of their best opportunities from the Qing Wu door single alert, unfortunately, the veteran was in mianduikongmen when the ball in the post. "That ball could change the course of the game." Wu Qing also said chagrin: Fortunately, the last flat yo, if lost, my psychological burden may be greater." However, after that, Wu Qing has become the most dazzling player. The second half just opening soon, he received a Kaerdeke pass easily push shot to help the team to tie the score. The opponent was another victory, Wu Qing also once again pole broke, but the ball was whistled for offside. Fortunately, Carle Dirk eightieth minutes to break the Suning defence again equalised, Lifan also got a That’s final. relegation. After the game, Wu Qing is also a word of praise. Like Wu Qing, including Wang Dong, they are not only a veteran of the usual training in the outstanding performance, but more importantly, in the life of self-discipline, to give others unimaginable efforts. This is why they can play such a good ball at such a great age, but also the other players need to learn." Chongqing evening news reporter Luo Xiang photo coverage of Qian Bo相关的主题文章: