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Yuan Longping: continue to hybrid rice and food security contribution – Beijing, China News Agency, Kunming, November 5 (reporter Ma Qian) China Academy of engineering, "father of hybrid rice" Yuan Longping 5 in Yunnan to attend the fourteenth session of Chinese international agricultural products fair and the twelfth Kunming international agricultural fair. In China, the central and Eastern European countries agricultural ministers’ meeting and the international agricultural trade and Economic Cooperation Forum keynote speech, Yuan Longping said that he and his team will continue to contribute to the development of hybrid rice and world food security. "More than half of the world’s population live on rice." Yuan Longping said that by 2030, the world must be more than 60% of the rice production in 1995 to meet the needs. At present, 27 hectares of rice can be provided for every hectare of paddy fields, and by 2050, it will be necessary to provide a ration of 43 to meet the demand. Since the last century in 60s of hybrid rice, Yuan Longping research team to continue research, from the large-scale promotion of three line hybrid rice breeding to today’s "super rice", make an important contribution to solving the problem of grain Chinese. In the current development of hybrid rice in the China, Yuan Longping said that in recent years, hybrid rice planting area of 17 million hectares, accounting for more than 57% of the total area of rice; the rice average yield per hectare is about 6.4 tons, of which about 7.5 tons per hectare in hybrid rice. Yuan Longping said, that is to say, hybrid rice yield about 20% higher than conventional rice, the annual increase in food can feed more than 70 million people." By 2000, it has grown into a number of Super Hybrid Rice pioneer combination, its production reached the Chinese Ministry of agriculture to develop China Super Rice program phase I indicators. In 2015 5 a demonstration of 1000 kg per mu, especially Yunnan Gejiu demonstrative breakthrough 16 tons per hectare in fifth yield target. Guangdong, Guangxi and other 11 provinces and cities have also created a new record of high-yield rice. Yuan Longping said, because of the geographical environment and climatic conditions, Yunnan in food production, especially in the promotion of new varieties of rice, there are some difficulties. In recent years, Yuan Longping in Lijiang, Yongsheng, Honghe old to carry out adaptation test of the third generation base plateau planting hybrid rice, hybrid rice in Gejiu achieved 16 tons per hectare yield this year, adaptability and yield significantly, is expected to reach 17 tons per hectare yield of next year, after three years after setting promotion that will effectively improve the Yunnan plateau rice production. Yuan Longping said, so far, from Asia, Africa and South America in more than and 100 countries, more than 4000 researchers, agricultural technicians and officials to China National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center accepted the hybrid rice technology training in these countries, the enormous popularity of the knowledge and technology of hybrid rice. "Hybrid rice will play a significant role in ensuring food security and promoting world peace in the new century. If 50% of the world’s rice paddies hybrid rice, feed more than 4 to 500 million people per year." Yuan Longping said, for this purpose, he and his team will continue to contribute to the development of hybrid rice, as well as world food security. (end)相关的主题文章: