Yin Ruzhen’s old prostitute Dionysus Miss exposure posters scheduled October 6-demonophobia

Yin Ruzhen’s old prostitute "Dionysus" Miss 6 "poster exposure scheduled October" Miss Bacchus entertainment news (the poster of Tencent director Li Zairong and Yin Ruzhen Remy) in each of the works will have a new breakthrough, two of them third movie "Miss Dionysus" (also translated: Goddess Guanyin) set file released in October 6th in korea. "The young lady" tells the story of a prostitute 60 generation British Prime story, her guests feel live hard, and wanted to die, she is also helping each other to complete the death wish. The film under an Old Whore has South Korea high speed development of life of the elderly has come out on the other side. "The young lady" won the twentieth Montreal international Fantastic Film Festival the screenplay and best actress award, also participated in the sixty-sixth Venice International Film Festival, the fortieth Hongkong International Film Festival, the world outstanding film festival screenings. The heroine of the movie is a sale and the death of a woman, Li Zairong directed the bold theme through their own unique style of shooting out of the old play bone Yin Ruzhen acting is a large harvest praise, attracted a lot of attention. The film side also discloses the main poster of the film, Yin Ruzhen displayed a unique and powerful aura, seem inaccessible. Her seemingly expressionless face, the distance to the eyes, and the slogan "if you want, really," let people on the story of the film is full of curiosity. The poster Yin Ruzhen dressed in old brown coat, scarf was strict in demands, hands in his pockets, the perfect interpretation of the image of the plain English is not trivial in the film. Red film title is also very eye-catching. "Dionysus" by Yin Ruzhen, Quan Maosong, miss Yoon Kyesang, star, will be officially released in October 6th in korea. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: