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Yao Ming Hall of fame speech shaking a lot of baggage do you hear some truth [subtitled] Yao Ming Hall of fame speech integrity record reproduction humor Yao Ming was named to the hall of fame, but in the end there is a challenge, that is to make a speech on the ceremony. With the ability of Yao Ming, attended the ceremony of all kinds in English, doing different speech, be it again. However, this is not a general presentation, advanced video in there: you need to speak long enough for almost 15 minutes; you have to briefly review their occupation career, thanks to a way to give you help, say some of those things; you have to bring a bit of humor, open a little joke…… The last one is the most difficult, it is a typical American humor: seize the well-known stem, everyone understands, the parties were fooled but not personally, do not have too much burden but won the laughter. Everyone has prepared the lecture notes, but in fact can not read it, it is just to help you straighten out the train of thought. Some Terrier is ready (O’neal said Yao Ming was the first to cover his three cap on the opponent, the interview mentioned, more to come). This shows Yao Ming unusual. Yao Ming was the first to arrange, like the dunk contest the first appearance, this point is very embarrassing. The entire ceremony to 3 hours, you first speak good, there are 2.5 hours of content will overwhelm you, speak, let people do not want to tell what; first came to power, you have to mobilize the whole atmosphere, equivalent to the entire ceremony set the tone. But Yao Ming missed 15 minutes without a he should thank the people, from parents to Li Qiuping to his teammates even Dazhi, also laughter, shaking a few period before and after the baggage, some of which stem must also have sufficient NBA knowledge to be understood. Iverson’s "training" the reporter will meet Iverson 1.5 hours late this bundle on the opening, Yao Ming is obviously well prepared, so the best, quite Chinese the real taste of traditional crosstalk. "When I heard I was in the first speech, I thought it was a mistake. (laughter) "don’t laugh, because I think it should be a great player like Iverson, right? (applause) Iverson also quite touched, thought Yao Ming really terrific, bringing me such a high position. He patted his chest, meaning, man, your heart is mine. The applause dies, then Yao Ming had paused for 5 seconds, a face of respect and serious expression, everyone is waiting to say, the expansion of the lecture today. Who knows, 5 seconds later, Yao Ming suddenly jumped out: "because I need to practice more than him." The audience froze for a moment, then laughter four, followed by thunderous applause, said that the stem is too precise. Even Iverson was not angry at all. The subtlety of this burden, English is "practice" used here seems to represent the speech before the "practice", but in sports inside also on behalf of the "training", and training, training is not late for love, so many years is the quanliquanwai "Ai" black bull’s eye. The baggage to scratch相关的主题文章: