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Yao Jingyuan: China is economic structural adjustment opportunity – Sohu on 18 February, Xinhua Finance Beijing (reporter Liu Hui) the State Department counselor researcher Yao Jingyuan said 18 days, the China economic shift in the growth period, there are opportunities for structural adjustment. Yao Jingyuan on the same day China journalists held a news Cafe said that employment is the people’s livelihood, in the larger context of economic downward pressure, China still completed about 13000000 new jobs last year, far more than the beginning of the 10 million employment target. He believes that with the "public business, forming a highly innovative social atmosphere, the number of registered enterprises increased sharply in 2015, an important reason for this is to obtain employment" report card ". On the other hand, with the proportion of China’s third industry to GDP rising to 52%, the gradual optimization of the industrial structure has created more employment opportunities. Yao Jingyuan pointed out that the China economy contains structural adjustment opportunity, through the adjustment can prevent deeper problems, but also the economic development of our country to regulate their own results. As long as we hold the bottom line of risk prevention and actively adapt to the rapid economic growth, China’s economic growth will be more quality and efficiency in the future." Author: Liu Hui, Xinhua News Agency)

姚景源:中国经济蕴藏结构调整机遇-搜狐财经   新华社北京2月18日电(记者刘慧)国务院参事室特约研究员姚景源18日说,目前中国经济处于增速换挡期,蕴藏着结构调整机遇。  姚景源在当日中国记协举办的新闻茶座上表示,就业是民生之本,在经济下行压力较大的背景下,我国去年依然完成新增就业1300多万,远超年初1000万的就业目标。他认为,随着“大众创业,万众创新”社会氛围的形成,2015年企业的注册数量大幅增多,这是取得就业“成绩单”的重要原因。另一方面,随着我国第三产业占GDP比重升至52%,产业结构逐步优化也创造出了更多的就业机会。  姚景源指出,中国经济蕴藏着结构调整机遇,通过调整可以防止更深层次问题的产生,也是我国经济发展自身调节的结果。“只要守住了防风险的底线,主动去适应经济中高速增长,今后中国经济增长将更有质量和效益。”  作者:刘慧来源新华社)相关的主题文章: