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Xun Zhou gets beat all the stars actress denied taking high paycheck – Beijing Star TV drama paycheck hundreds of millions of the phenomenon is expected to change! The State Press and Publication Administration recently put forward clearly, resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off their wealth, pay close attention to the development of resistance to "price" paid industry self-discipline. This many insiders have said that the price paid, does the pipe! Phenomenon: Xun Zhou beat all the paid actress in August 26th, CCTV domestic actors paid work reports and criticized. Which referred to as "Yi Zhuan" male and female paid a total of 150 million yuan! The film circle of several popular niche paycheck hundreds of play 80 million to 120 million, resulting in serious crew production funds are occupied, screenwriter dubbing staff remuneration is very low. Such a vicious cycle, leading to film and television drama increasingly ugly story. This website yesterday disclosed that the filming of "Xun Zhou’s biography" such as Yi drama reward 95 million yuan, beat the actress. Other actresses to do unpaid drama jump to 40 million yuan Zhao Wei filming the 45 episode TV series "tiger mother cat dad", "Sun Li’s biography" Mi month drama reward 60 million yuan. Angela Baby (Angelababy) drama reward after, after receiving 80 million yuan. Response: Stars frequently denied even on many high paycheck stars have denied that he took the position of high paycheck. Recently online people broke the news that Yang Yang signed the $10 million "cloud of Han Dynasty" after double play party accepted after he refused to play, but also to "choose day record" quotes 70 million, and in 80 million the next paycheck "Wu move back". The rumors were subsequently denied Yang Yang brokerage firm. In August 30th, Yang Yang brokerage team reiterated in a statement: "Yang Yang approached foreign entertainment cooperation, with honesty and credit as the basic purpose, but also consistently agree and strictly abide by the provisions, the competent department of radio and television for promoting the healthy development of the industry policy." Recently, netizens drying out shots, "Lecture Room" speaker Zhang Hongjie had claimed Luhan took "one hundred million price" optional day in mind, this Luhan Studio then forwarded micro-blog said: "the rumor never palliative if not, stop wise stop law!" (Wang Wen)相关的主题文章: