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Xiao Ming’s mother unexpectedly Superman, "King Kong" amazing animal movie premiere entertainment Sohu – remember at the beginning of the month that a network of "Xiao Ming mother for Xiao Ming students" event? Event review: not long ago, missing a "magic brush network explosion", Xiao Ming mother for Xiao Ming students things to tempt the appetite of friends. Originally, Xiao Ming was "King Kong" animal cartoon fans, and class friends formed a "animal" King Kong "fans" loyal fans, small every day to discuss the plot in "drama". However, Xiao Ming’s mother did not agree, but also a little worried about the impact of school children. Once, Xiao Ming was injured, at home alone during the rest, Xiao Ming has been depressed, let mom how to coax, Xiao Ming are not as cheerful as before. When Xiao Ming’s mother helpless, is that class seems to be total in the job of the children, the team quietly came to visit Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming talk with his favorite animal "King Kong" talk to him. The power of friendship, inspiring story, let Xiaoming step out of the injured haze, re launched smile. "My heart has been full of gratitude for this class of children!" September 15th, Mid Autumn Festival is coming. In this reunion day, Xiao Ming mother is secretly brewing a surprise! It turned out that 7 years later, Xiao Ming received a valuable opportunity to study abroad. Coincidentally, the Mid Autumn Festival is Xiaoming’s 18 year old birthday! That son’s favorite animal "King Kong" movie in the upcoming Xiaoming birthday soon released, Xiao Ming’s mother happy! She must give her son a most memorable rite of passage! "I’m going to have a special birthday party for my kids! Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, I want to invite the students to see "private Ming Kong" big animal movie together! Let his buddy to celebrate the birthday celebrations, Xiao ming! The progress of the event: Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, Xiao Ming received mother donated movie tickets the family gradually came to the scene, and to Xiao Ming’s mother "Qinglong animal reproduction" King Kong movie cheer. Before Xiao Ming’s birthday party, Xiao Ming mother was still nervous in the cinema. In fact, I have never been to the Ming had a birthday, on the one hand, I am afraid that Xiao Ming birthday party this is the normal state of happiness, on the other hand, I believe that the family is only a little light. But this is not the same, Xiao Ming today 18 years old adult, he has his own understanding of life, he also has to bear the ability of happiness, so now it will make a birthday. I also hope to make up for the past did not give him a birthday regret!" Xiao Ming mother said. Xiao Ming’s mother three heavy surprise: 1 friends have a joyous gathering of Xiaoming’s mom specially in the "Qinglong animal reproduction" king of the film before the launch, secretly invited Xiaoming the good old friends together to celebrate the birthday of Xiao ming. In some efforts, Xiao Ming mother successfully found more than 30 students! As a result of graduating from high school, a lot of students in the morning to attend classes, but there are still 14 students came to the scene as a representative to Xiao Ming surprise!相关的主题文章: