Wuhu Mount Huangshan in October started a pilot Alipay pay social security-acbel

Wuhu Mount Huangshan Alipay Xin’an in October started a pilot pay social security Anhui Evening News Network (News) 21 afternoon, the Anhui Provincial Department of human resources and social service and ant gold signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in the country’s first "Internet + service" mode, try credit and government cooperation, Wuhu and Mount Huangshan was the first pilot to pay social security services such as alipay. If entrepreneurship fails, there is no stable income to protect life, you can apply for the "new business failure social security subsidies" or "flexible employment social security subsidies" in the people’s social sector. These need to be completed in the Anhui Provincial Department of human resources and social "sunshine employment" online service hall functions, will be assigned to the Alipay City Service "". The province currently has 20 million users of Alipay, Alipay can be directly in the "city service" in the application for registration of the unemployed, flexible employment social security subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, labor contract information query. You can also apply for jobs, recommended posts, etc.. The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social, the province of Wuhu, Mount Huangshan will begin a pilot from October, flexible employment pension insurance, endowment insurance of urban and rural residents, residents’ medical insurance can be paid directly by Alipay, do not have to go to the bank line, the future will promote the province. Xin’an evening news Anhui network reporter Wu Biqi

芜湖黄山10月开始试点支付宝缴纳社保   新安晚报 安徽网()讯 21日下午,安徽省人社厅与蚂蚁金服签订战略合作协议,在全国首创“互联网+人社”模式,尝试信贷、政务等合作,芜湖和黄山率先试点支付宝缴纳社保等服务。   假如创业失败,没有稳定的收入保障生活,可以在人社部门申请“新创业失败人员社保补贴”或“灵活就业社保补贴”等。这些需要在安徽省人社厅“阳光就业”网上服务大厅完成的功能,将入驻支付宝“城市服务”。全省目前有2000万支付宝用户,可以直接在支付宝“城市服务”里办理失业登记、申请灵活就业社保补贴、创业补贴,查询劳动合同信息等。还可以办理求职、推荐岗位等。   记者从省人社厅了解到,我省芜湖、黄山将从10月开始试点,灵活就业人员养老保险、城乡居民养老保险、居民医疗保险可直接通过支付宝缴纳,不用再去银行排队,未来将全省推广。   新安晚报 安徽网记者 吴碧琦相关的主题文章: