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Wuhan houguanhu half marathon runners start fresh XTEP really run Jiangcheng Wuhan poly houguanhu half marathon start on October 30th at 8:30 in the morning, 2016 Wuhan houguanhu half marathon in the mountain lotus lake square opening shots. 6000 real runners from here, around the official Lake National Wetland Park, ecological landscape via an exquisite scenery, feel the fresh and bright Jiangcheng. True runners wearing XTEP blue suits, ornament in Wuhan the first country greenway, become the most dazzling houguanhu autumn scenery. Finally, from the Kenya TARBEI ABRAHAM CHERUIYOT 1:04:15.233 won the championship the official Lake half marathon men’s 2016 Wuhan women’s champion, Li Wenjie is from Chinese, grade 1:16:45.233. The non general track runners feel the country really fresh Wuhan half marathon held in Caidian District of Wuhan City, the track in the official Lake National Wetland park. Rely on the advantage here is richly endowed by nature, mountain lake wetland, also called the international standard range of children’s first green road Wuhan suburbs. In the willows and wild flowers, the black / white edge of the lake trail unlimited extension. From France, Kenya, Ethiopia and invited players from all over the country really run, starting from the Lotus Lake Wetland Park through the square, picturesque along the way, enjoy the natural scenery, feel the general fresh Wuhan. Running away from the city’s green track is not only a perfect marathon experience, but also a great way to relax. Visibility of Jiangcheng non-stop running Wuhan half marathon runner for the really big coffee was fifty years old Tang Anhua has a high in Wuhan local run, was affectionately known as "miss tang". "I started running from college, and it’s been 30 years. This is a half marathon, my fifteenth marathon. The 50 year old is not a hindrance to me, I will always run down, and strive to complete my life marathon at the age of 60!" Extreme love for running, so that Tang Anhua in the marathon on the road is not blocked, the half horse also achieved a good score of 1 hours and 31 minutes. In the 2016 Wuhan houguanhu half marathon "XTEP really ran the big coffee into 1 users have 5 awards event, Annwa soup on their own in the laps in the strength of a majority of users support praise, won 2132 of the votes, becoming the 2016 Wuhan houguanhu marathon runner" big coffee"! (Note: users voted the first Wu Yongqi for personal reasons not to finish the race, unable to participate in the selection of coffee.) The runners competing really big coffee, there are ten years of sword, to participate in sports "teachers" big coffee yellow Xianjie; with running driven colleagues will run into the work life of the "white-collar" big coffee Liu Xiaofu; from a sports dream, unremittingly just for yourself to run "dream" a lot of dragon Huajuan. Their true runner deeds, but also affects more and more people around, get a lot of recognition and support of users. 2.相关的主题文章: