With the help of creative public — the first station held a new college speaking tour event – in La-winflash

With the help of creative public — the first station tour held in the Beijing Yuzhong campus of Lanzhou University in the Lanzhou University hall?? in September 22nd, "2016 Chinese good netizens" advertisement design college speaking tour first station was held in Lanzhou University, Yuzhong campus from a number of different professional students in the hall to listen to?? in the best of spirits. The activities of cctv.com staff, a detailed understanding of the plane, video, creative script three categories of advertisement collection and participation in the way, and appreciate the outstanding activities of the previous winners. Ma Trinidad crossover creative lecture on the theme "to help" the last public speech and creative activities of judges, OgilvyOne creative director Ma Trinidad entitled "to help Mr. creative commonweal" has been popular with the students and fully affirmed, he shared a lot of real, from a classic case of the advertising industry and students. Let the students know that the advertisement works from the idea generation production process is completed, and the quality requirements of advertising industry practitioners and development space are discussed, at the same time to teach the students some effective advertising making method. Public service advertising to listen carefully to the theme of "the son of Lanzhou University Chinese good netizens", maqianli give students three suggestions: one is to have different ideas, the two is to have contact to move people, the three is to have strong execution. In addition to strive to make the picture speak, and promote teamwork. After the activity of students and to communicate the maqianli tour activities jointly organized by the college students online, China cctv.com, Lanzhou University, the students have a deep understanding of the theme of the event, making for public service ads have a more intuitive feel and grasp. It is reported that the tour will be in Hunan Normal University and other universities have carried out.    相关的主题文章: