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Wise to eat fruit, enjoy good health and smooth blood sugar Sohu autumn is the harvest season, the fragrant fruit, a superb collection of beautiful things, more attractive. Do not worry, sugar friends before enjoying the fruits of delicious, consider the impact of fruit on blood sugar? You know so much fruit, what to choose, how much to eat? Only eat fruit because of the stability of blood sugar or have a certain impact, so only the blood sugar control good friends to eat fruit. For the poor glycemic control of sugar friends, or the first to pipe shut stride leg, and make good use of the drug, their blood glucose control is good too late to eat fruit. Their blood sugar level is up to standard, whether to eat fruit, should first ask the doctor. Secondly, sugar friends can refer to the following standards: different varieties, different effects on blood glucose, sugar content is not the same; we should try to choose, and small influence on blood glucose and sugar content of less varieties. However, to remind you that there are individual differences in the impact of fruit on blood glucose, so the most accurate way is to measure blood sugar to determine the impact of some kind of fruit on their blood sugar. If you eat a certain kind of fruit, blood sugar rises quickly, the next time you eat this kind of fruit, you should reduce or choose other small, low sugar content of sugar. Three. Limit the number of fruits to be limited to avoid excessive energy intake. You can’t eat fruit sugar too much, every day from 100 to 200 grams, and should eat. For example, eat 100 grams in the morning, eat in the afternoon of 100 grams. If you eat fruit, you should reduce the staple food. For example, eat 100 grams of fruit, the next meal, the staple food to eat less than two. Four. The opportunity to eat fruit to choose the right time, so as to avoid the rise in blood sugar is too high. It is recommended to eat fruit between two meals. You can choose to eat at 10 in the morning, at about 3 in the afternoon, or arrange to eat before exercise, so as not to cause too much blood sugar fluctuations. Which of the following autumn fruits do you like best? Come and see! Here, two endocrine doctors are to remind you again, because the feeling of food each person is different, is likely to be a fruit eaten by others without blood glucose fluctuation, but eat their blood sugar rose higher. So, we can not forget the sugar control tool: blood glucose meter. After eating the fruit, their blood sugar test, we know that some kind of fruit is not suitable for their own. Of course, even if the blood sugar is not much, can not eat. Do not forget, there is a considerable amount of energy inside the fruit, eat more can increase the total energy intake, long-term blood sugar control disadvantage. Shaanxi university hospital medical consulting, appointment registration, hospital service hotline: 4001880123 (8:00-18:00) 24 hour ambulance service hotline: 029-3333 9999相关的主题文章: