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"Wildfire" hot shot Song Qing to salute the veteran entertainment Sohu – Country Song Qing loyalty in the interpretation of entertainment news by Sohu actress Song Qing starred in the war drama "wildfire" is Shanxi hot shot in Yuci like a raging fire, this time he again across the four smoke of war in a revolution against the Japanese interpretation of God the gunman Liu laonian. Although the character is a common name, but Song Qing’s Liu Laonian is a secret martial arts master, his special skills, early have a good Wu Yi, seems to have done well for the sake of the general good. TV drama "wildfire" since the shooting, Song Qing has been brought through micro-blog in front of filming dynamic for the majority of the audience, and also loved his fans to share his shot in the studio and the two or three thing, let everyone know more in fact, multi song qing. In the war years, the drama played by Song Qing Liu Laonian almost all day and smoke with the Japanese company, wits, Song Qing’s own words is the only sound as if every ear bombarded, really back to the bloody war in the 1990s, the whole people are passionate, full of fighting spirit, only to have the expulsion of my land. Although in the play had a tough million insurance ordeal, but in fact the Song Qing always bianzhuofaer kuzhongzuole. See the partner is full of delight in the play, Song Qing did not forget to chat, and partner in the outside of the filming of communication, also did not forget that for a photo sharing to love his fans and friends, for the wonderful performance of strength like partner. As a member in the battlefields of the sharpshooter, played by Song Qing Liu Laonian’s performance in the play favorably, a stunt in hand, coupled with the unique operational principle used to beat the Japanese fled, Liu Laonian might also make them afraid. Don’t look at Liu Laonian stunt, resolutely on the battlefield, but after he left the battlefield, like his name Laonianer, be scanty of words do not love to communicate with people. When you are right, Liu Laonian a total love quietly observing and thinking, or study a variety of machine guns, constantly upgrade their marksmanship. According to Song Qing, the role of Liu Laonian’s character and his previous character be quite different, so the more challenging in the face and inner change. At present, Song Qing wildfire journey continues, his interpretation of the Liu Laonian which will bring unexpected surprises? Let’s wait and see.相关的主题文章: