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Marketing Often, small business owners focus so much on getting new customers that they forget about their current ones. In an effort to keep business moving, it is certainly important to focus on customer acquisition, but maintaining relationships with current customers provides both short and long term benefits. One of the best, and in fact easiest ways to maintain relationships with past customers is through an email newsletter. Although each business is different, almost all businesses will benefit from a solid email marketing campaign specifically for this reason. However, many small business budgets are limited, thus making it very important to conduct marketing based on ROI. In the following paragraphs I’m going to outline why an email newsletter deserves some of this budget. Instant Sales Most small businesses will find that an email newsletter is great not just for conveying new .pany news or tips, but also for generating instant sales or buzz around a new product offering. Although building an email list may take some time, no other marketing vehicle can reach so many targeted prospects in such little time. Are sales low this month? Include a coupon in your next newsletter to help boost sales immediately. Are you launching a new product soon? Generate some excitement with pre-launch newsletter announcements, and then when the product launches, you will have your subscribers lining up to purchase. The fact is that getting new customers is much more expensive than keeping the ones you have, and an email newsletter really makes this statement .e to life because of the instant sales it can generate. Critical Data Did you ever think that your email marketing campaign would be a good market research tool? Well it can be! With email marketing software, it is incredibly easy to monitor how many people open your emails and how many respond or convert. Use this to your advantage by testing various messaging or promotions, and then take the ones that provide the best results and use them throughout your other marketing programs as well. Are you wondering what your customers think of your proposed product update? Include a poll in your newsletter, and then use the results to make educated decisions relating to your business. Your email newsletter is a great source of customer data that can improve the effectiveness of your other marketing campaigns too. Economical Did I mention that it’s cheap to start an email marketing campaign? With prices for some software starting at $10/month, there’s no reason why you couldn’t at least experiment. In most cases, your monthly rate is determined by the size of your email list. Just start with a low budget to test, and once you see the ROI, work on increasing the size of your list and ramp up. With these great advantages in mind, you should strongly consider allocating some budget to running an email marketing campaign. Small businesses especially benefit from this marketing vehicle, and with low start-up prices it’s at least worth a test. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: