Whistle trading! Memphis clippers for fersen Green swapnibbuns

Whistle trading! Memphis clippers for Finsen Finsen and Green Green swap swap sina sports news Beijing time on February 19th, according to ESPN reports, the Losangeles clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies completed this year, the deadline of a buzzer transaction, the Clippers sent Lance – Stephenson and a 2019 first round draft picks, and striker Geoff from the Grizzlies there Green. Since leaving the Pacers, Stephenson has been very bad, he did not succeed in the Hornets, the Clippers also the same. So far this season, Stephenson has made 43 appearances for the clippers, averaging only 15.8 minutes, averaging 4.7 points and 2.5 rebounds. The Clippers had hoped to become the team’s backcourt Finsen second offensive organizer, and share the pressure for Chris Paul, but this is not able to achieve. Two days ago, there were reports that the clippers were close to magic to deal with the deal of Northrop Frye, and Stephenson was one of the chips. However, the deal was not done, and Frye was finally traded to the cavaliers. In this case, the Clippers finally completed a deal with the Grizzlies at the end of the deadline. According to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe said, the Grizzlies are trying to sell Green has been a long time, 1 first round draft picks they had received from the clippers is expected in 2019 the first round of protected sign. (Rosen)

压哨交易!快船灰熊一换一 芬森格林互换东家 芬森和格林互换东家   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月19日,据ESPN报道,洛杉矶快船和孟菲斯灰熊完成了今年截止日的一笔压哨交易,快船送出兰斯-斯蒂芬森和一个2019年的首轮选秀权,并从灰熊那里得到前锋杰夫-格林。   自从离开步行者队之后,斯蒂芬森就一直很不顺利,他在黄蜂队的试验没有成功,在快船队也是一样。   本赛季至今,斯蒂芬森代表快船出场43次,场均只获得15.8分钟的出场时间,并得到4.7分和2.5个篮板。快船原本希望芬森能成为球队后场的第二个进攻组织者,并为克里斯-保罗分担压力,但是这个目的并没有能够达到。   前两天,有报道称快船与魔术接近达成关于钱宁-弗莱的交易,斯蒂芬森是筹码之一。然而这笔交易并没有达成,弗莱最后被交易到骑士队。在这种情况下,快船最终在截止日的最后时刻与灰熊队完成了一笔交易。   据ESPN记者扎克-洛维表示,灰熊队试图兜售格林已经有一段时间,他们这次从快船队获得的1个首轮选秀权预计是2019年受保护的首轮签。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: