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When Lang Ping asked the fans stay on topic default will appear in the Tokyo Olympic Games Lang Ping yesterday morning, Xixi Park Alibaba has just appeared at the Rio Olympics China led the women’s volleyball team won the champion Lang Ping, and Hangzhou fans greet the mid autumn festival. And she came, and the women’s volleyball team Wei Qiuyue, Yuan Xinyue, Xu Yunli, and the "king of contempt" popular network slugger Zhu Ting. The fans at the scene asked questions that people are most concerned about: will Lang Ping attend the Olympic Games four years from now? Lang Ping did not directly answer, but asked the audience: do you think I will not? In the "will" like mountains and seas are whistling sound, Lang Ping nodded default. Should have opened a reward function ah yesterday women live autumn show activities by the Guangzhou Wiley’s mother a soap and co sponsored by Tmall supermarket. CCTV Oprah Zhang Bin presided over the scene activities, including the activities of one meter in diameter when the fitness ball playing volleyball and women’s volleyball, and Ali exchanged gifts etc.. Lang Ping sent a gift is a signature volleyball, Ali gave Lang Ping a box of special moon cake. With the evolution of the Internet era, the promotion of sports marketing also has more new ways and means. Ali on behalf of the Mid Autumn Festival on the Lang Ping said, the women’s volleyball tournament should be opened to play reward function, so if the women’s volleyball team performed well, the audience will be able to seal a red envelope to the women’s volleyball. Lang Ping immediately pick up the words: "you are too late to say, if the Olympic Games before the opening of the ‘reward’, we can earn a lot ah." According to Zhang Bin revealed that the Olympic women’s volleyball final, CCTV broadcast ratings was rushed to the unbelievable 70%, if that time will have a reward function, the National People’s women’s volleyball team to the bonus is estimated to be astronomical. There are fans who asked Yuan Xinyue and Zhu Ting’s mate concept, the two girls face became a little red, "whispered you good". I hope to usher in more changes in women’s volleyball team was asked if he could continue to teach women’s issues, Lang Ping’s attitude is a bit hesitant, she seems to think the appropriate wording, finally put the question back to the audience. In the default Lang Ping will continue to appear in the four years after the Tokyo Olympic Games, she actually avoided a practical problem: she will attend to what is China, women’s volleyball coach, or a well-known volleyball audience. After a lapse of eight years to regain the women’s volleyball Olympic champion, brings new opportunity for the development of the domestic economy degree of poor volleyball market. In Lang Ping under the impetus of new journey at the age of 22 China main women’s volleyball slugger Zhu Ting will also embark on to the Turkey league. For this, Lang Ping in the event after the media conference, said, now the women’s volleyball team, and we have a very different era, the world’s top teams to become more exchanges. South Korea’s Kim in comprehensive strength to go abroad before the league is not so prominent. I hope Zhu ting to take this opportunity to go outside to study more, know how others play, like Italy and Turkey in those countries the successful League is how to do." This year’s Mid Autumn Festival, and finally not together after the Olympic Games, Lang Ping and several women’s volleyball team has been in the country’s main cities in the world, and相关的主题文章: