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UnCategorized What’s the cheapest car insurance? This is a question people have been asking for ages. There is no one answer to this question. The cheapest car insurance for one person may not be for another person. There are many variables in finding cheap auto insurance. Many things determine the price you will pay for your car insurance. However the good news is that many car insurance .panies offer a lot of different discounts. Discounts will help you tremendously when looking for the cheapest car insurance. First you will want to find an insurance .paring site. Just go online and use your favorite search engine to locate one of these sites. There are thousands of them so it should not be difficult to find one. The reason you should do this is so you can get many cheap quotes in a short amount of time. After you get your quotes you can then call insurance agents from a few of the .panies offering cheap quotes. An agent will be able to help you find a more affordable insurance plan. The plan you choose will have a lot to do with how much it cost. There are many different insurance coverage plans. If you have an older car that is not in great shape you may want to consider just getting liability coverage. This will save you a lot of money. However if you are in a car accident the insurance will only pay for the other car damaged in the accident and not yours. If you have a newer car then you will probably want to get full coverage so that if there is a wreck both vehicles can be repaired. If you have never had a wreck or ticket or at least not in the last five or so years you may be able to get a discount for being a good driver. You may also qualify for a discount if your car has safety features such as seat belts and airbags. Some people do not even know this but if you live in a high crime area your insurance could be more expensive. Having an alarm system on your car can help lower the price of your insurance. You can also get a discount if you pay for your insurance payments in one large lump sum instead of making monthly payments. There are many things you can do in order to lower your insurance premiums. You can try taking a driving course. This will usually get you a discount. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: