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Is Your Home Safe Of Radon Dangers

It is important to test your home to establish if there are any radon gases. This is because the exposure of radon is among the leading causes of lung cancer especially to people who do not smoke. Minimizing the radon risk is not very easy.

Radon is not easily seen, neither smelt nor tasted but it still can be a danger in your house or home. It is better to be safe than sorry by doing a radon test at home. The duration taken between doing the tests and getting the results is 48 hours and a week respectively. There are electronic testing devices that can be used to do the radon testing which is a faster way. These are expensive methods with similar results as those of the 48-hour canisters. Cannister test kits for radon are more advisable to use due to their simplicity and the fact that they can be used over a longer duration of time. They are available in the nearby hardware stores.

Upon testing and discovering that your home has some radon level percentages, probably you want to take action and ensure that remediation of radon is done in your home. Radon remediation is an involving task but it is done at home and its effectiveness is guaranteed It will give your family the radiation fortification needed.

There are several ways to do remediation radons. A technician who is qualified on radon mitigation should be able to advice you on exactly what is needed to ensure your home has the least radon levels possible.

It is not true to say that a new house has no radons. The fact to counter this myth is to say that a new house could also have radon gases especially depending on the tightness.

Taking for granted that if either your house or your neighbors has radons then the other one has. You could be thinking your house is safe of radon if your neighbor did a testing and found radon in theirs so yours is radon free.

The myth that radon is not dangerous due to the duration of time in that house is false. Radon causes lung cancer in non-smokers and it now affecting.

Before doing radon testing there are several factors that a home owner should consider to ensure that radon levels are reduced.

Some factors need to be taken care of before doing radon testing. Making sure that these factors are taken care of the radon levels are seen to decrease to below 4pC/Li. Upon completion of the radon testing the gases will become lower to the tune of 0.5kg/hours. Radon testing helps to lower the levels to 0.5 kgs/hour and as low as below 4pC/Li. The home thereafter becomes a safety zone and hence no need to install a working device.

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