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What is the purpose of our quest for truth? Ma Junren and his disciples. I have also retained Yan Jianwei data for a 1998 third "China writer", no other content of the magazine is a Zhao Yu Long reportage "Majiajun" survey. At that time the media has a lot about Majiajun’s negative reports in the media circle, there are countless rumors about Majiajun, read "Majiajun" after investigation, did not feel too good, the reportage is systematically write Majiajun basic thing, are you know. Before the Spring Festival, to see Zhao Yu released the year was deleted doping chapters more than 3 words, many details of the article, is really shocking, such as Ma Junren personally injected to the team members, team members signed letters, report Ma Junren, etc.. Just think, if 17 years ago this chapter was not deleted, that was enough to cause a big earthquake in the society at that time". We also know that social background at that time would not allow such facts to spread. Even after so many years, because the details of the article confirmed a lot of people’s guess, but also caused an uproar on the internet. In fact, "Majiajun" full investigation has been published in two years ago, when the authors and publishers did not deliberately added doping chapters, there is no concern. Two years later, after the chapter was disclosed on the Internet, the author stated that it was not to hype the book, but hoped that the outside world could recognize the Chinese sports in the past. Remember when I had negative news in the newspaper published a Majiajun, a newspaper devoted to the old readers looking for my theory. My explanations, that reports just reported some information about the statements of a school. The old man was very excited. In his mind, Ma Junren was a national hero, and no one could be disrespectful. He angrily said, "the coach is not good people, it is not" north and South "- he stressed that this is invented by him, instead of what we usually say" things. "". The old man asked me to apologize, I didn’t do it, then he also abuse my letter. It should be said that I adored Ma Junren at the very beginning. In Majiajun rise, according to the sports knowledge, many things do not understand. Since then, with the Majiajun internal conflicts, external tattle and prate I believe many people, will re-examine the magujun. Chinese sports need achievements, Chinese track and field need more such magic figures, but all of them should be based on the rules of competition. When everyone doubts you, it’s not you, it’s really a problem, that’s why everybody’s eyes are blinded by something. Time really can change everything, at that time can not say the secret, after many years became public information. You think, even the national archives have a secret period, not to mention things in the sports circle?. The former director of the State Sports General Administration of Yuan Weimin 7 years ago published a book, once confirmed Majiajun missed the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games is because the subjects of 7 athletes in 2 people 4 people blood urine exceed the standard, exceed the standard. As for further details, the informed leader did not speak. The control of Zhao Yu Majiajun doping text, many mysteries in mind, can one by one. It’s impossible to change these truths by knowing the truth. 4

我们探寻真相的目的是什么 马俊仁与弟子。资料图   阎建伟   我手头还保留一本1998年第三期《中国作家》,那本杂志没别的内容,就是一篇赵瑜的长篇报告文学《马家军调查》。当时媒体上已有许多关于马家军的负面报 道,在传媒圈子里,也有数不清的关于马家军的传言,看过《马家军调查》后,当时也没觉得太过瘾,这篇报告文学只是系统地写了写马家军的事,基本都是大家知 道的。春节前看到赵瑜公布了当年被删掉的兴奋剂章节3万余字,文中的许多细节,真是让人触目惊心,诸如马俊仁亲自给队员打针、队员集体签名信举报马俊仁 等。试想,如果17年前这一章节没有删除,那足以在当时的社会引起“大地震”。我们也明白,那时的社会背景,是不会允许这样的事实传播的。   即便这么多年过去了,由于文中细节印证了很多人的猜测,也在网上引起轩然大波。其实,《马家军调查》全本已于两年前出版,当时作者和出版社没有特意强调补 充了兴奋剂章节,也就没有人关注。两年之后这一章节在网络披露后,作者表态,不是炒作这本书,而是希望外界对昔日中国体育能够重新认识。   记得当年我曾在报纸上编发过一条马家军的负面新闻,有位老年读者专门来到报社找我理论。我解释了半天,说报道只是一家之言,报道一些信息而已。老人情绪很 激动,在他心目中,马俊仁就是民族英雄,容不得任何人有半点不敬。他气愤地说,说马教练不好的人,真不是“南北”――他强调这是他发明的,替代平时大家所 说的“东西”。老人要求我登报道歉,我没有照做,后来他还来信谩骂了我。   应该说一开始,我也很崇拜马俊仁。在马家军崛起后,按照体育常识,很多事想不明白。此后,随着马家军内部纷争不断,外部流言蜚语,我相信很多人都会重新审 视马家军的。中国体育需要成绩,中国田径更需要这样的神奇人物,但这一切都应建立在竞赛规则之内。当所有人都怀疑你的时候,不是你真有问题,就是所有人的 双眼都被什么东西蒙蔽了。   时间真的能够改变一切,在当时无法说的秘密,多少年后就变成了公开信息。你想,连国家档案都有保密期,更何况体育圈内的事情呢。前国家体育总局局长袁伟民 7年前出版过一本书,曾证实马家军无缘2000年悉尼奥运会是因为7名受检运动员中2人尿检超标,4人血检超标。至于更进一步的细节,这位知晓内情的领导 没有讲。对照赵瑜关于马家军兴奋剂的文字,心中的诸多谜团,便可一一破解。   知道这些真相,已经不可能改变我们的生活,包括当事者。尽管有人呼吁去告马俊仁,有人建议取消马家军的世界纪录,但不会在官方层面引起多少波澜。这个新闻 披露了半个多月后,也已显得悄无声息了。事实上我们知道的,圈子里面早已心知肚明。历史不会因为普罗大众知道的真相而改写,只是真相能够让我们更加客观地 去看待历史,并审视眼前的一切。 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: