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What is the most obvious signal after suffering from liver cancer what is the most obvious sign of liver cancer, liver cancer, the most typical symptom is that there is no reason to feel tired and weak, thin body. In the early stage of liver cancer, the patient is the first to feel tired. Compared with other causes of fatigue, liver cancer caused by fatigue, even if the patient lying down to rest quietly can not be eliminated. Cancer cells damage the liver storage function. The amount of heat that is produced by the body’s intake of food is absorbed by the intestine. Some of it is transported to the liver and stored in the body when it is needed. If the liver is attacked by liver cancer cells, the liver’s storage function will be impaired and the body’s fuel supply will be reduced. On the other hand, due to tumor expansion, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, indigestion, malabsorption, so there will be insufficient energy due to the exhaustion of the spirit. At present, the early treatment of liver cancer is still the first choice for surgery, the smaller the tumor, the more timely detection, the 5 year survival rate is higher. But at the same time, we should pay attention to cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine. Advanced liver cancer patients, due to various factors such as physical condition, tumor proliferation, can not afford surgical treatment, conservative treatment to clinical patients. (the public health news)相关的主题文章: