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Marriage-Wedding When it comes to weddings in Sri Lanka, wedding photography is a key component. It is the only remembrance that will last for years. Even years after your wedding you can still re-live that special day by looking at the wedding photographs. The bride and the groom search high and low for the best wedding photographer in Sri Lanka and reserve him at least a year in advance. Wedding photography came into practice since the invention of photography in 1826. Unlike in the present day people did not hire a separate photographer to ones wedding. The couple rather went to the studio and took their very formal wedding photo. Due to the difficulty of carrying large objects such as lights, curtains and background settings, most wedding photographs were taken inside a studio. But as the technology advanced cameras and other equipment have become portable stuff and affordable by many. Sri Lankan wedding photography is at a very advanced stage nowadays that at the end of the wedding the guests get a photograph of the bride and the groom as a token of expressing gratitude for attending the wedding ceremony. This is a result of the introduction of digital cameras to the Sri Lankan photography. This advancement of digital convenience enables quick detection of any lighting mistakes and deleting any unwanted shots taken. Sri Lankan wedding photographers use various techniques such as draping and placing different backgrounds and other colourful settings even if the photos were taken inside a dull room. To bring in lot colour and life, Sri Lankan photographers place the bride, the groom or both of them in completely different places such as attractive gardens, artistic places, beaches or other breathtaking landscapes. Most Sri Lankan Wedding photographers use the technique of remote flashes and are even capable of using creative lighting. Sri Lankan Wedding Photography is not complete only by taking a wedding photo, it also includes in creating a whole wedding album. This album will include the photos of the bride, brides family, the brides maids, little maids, bride groom, grooms men, grooms family and the entire wedding ceremony including the visitors. These photos can be printed in matt, glossy surface or even Dura-guard which will give an extended life span. Thus creating wedding albums has become one of the most essential things at Sri Lankan Weddings. Even if it requires extra expenditure creating your wedding album is an once-in-a-lifetime memoire which will last for generations to come. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: