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Micro-blog WeChat " " still  ; willful; Internet advertising supervision how to eliminate blind spots — public opinion channel — people.com.cn original title: Internet advertising regulation how to eliminate blind spots Xinhua News Agency Internet advertisement shall be distinguishable, marked "advertisement"; paid search results and natural search results clearly distinguish with pop up in the form of release; the Internet page advertisement should be marked off the mark…… In September 1st, the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") was formally implemented. At present, the "approach" has been implemented for a month, the Internet advertising supervision has achieved what kind of effect? Whether there are blind spots? How to eliminate these blind spots? Paid search farewell barbaric growth as an important part of Internet advertising, once pushed in the teeth of the storm are now paid search effective supervision? To verify the effect of supervision, the reporters were in the 360 search and Baidu search keyword "Shanghai Disney", although the search results in Shanghai in addition to Disney’s official website also many other entries by Shanghai Disney promotion, but after this class entry right below labeled "commercial promotion" now have been advertising two word substitution. Subsequently, the reporter in the two search platform to enter the "Peking Union Medical College Hospital" keywords, the pop-up search results are ranked first on the official website, after paying for search, making search results page filled with many related hospital link chaos also disappeared. The State Administration for Industry and commerce advertising department official said in an interview with reporters, from the beginning of September 1st the implementation of the "measures", pop-up ads, paid search advertising behavior has been effective supervision, especially the paid search advertising with a clear advertising logo, consumers can easily distinguish. According to reports, from September 1st to the present, the Internet advertising monitoring center a total of 1 million 40 thousand times to monitor Internet advertising, found illegal advertising 8279 times. The 2015 monitoring of the 3 million 850 thousand Internet advertising, suspected illegal advertising 106 thousand times. At present, the key areas, key sites and key areas of Internet advertising monitoring illegal rate is low, the Internet advertising market order is generally good. Micro-blog WeChat ad willfulness is still paid search is no longer barbaric growth, while micro-blog WeChat ad is capricious still. WeChat’s Micro circle of friends, purchasing advertising is still its own way, micro-blog V network, many big red recommended products did not see convergence, some public numbers still quietly push advertising, the recent rise of the webcast is often see ads shadow". Why from the media, such as advertising supervision did not achieve good results? From the media and other illegal advertising regulatory difficulties? The State Administration for Industry and commerce advertising department official told reporters that now monitoring illegal advertising is mainly focused on the implementation of the monitoring of key areas, key sites and financial, medical and other key areas, no monitoring full coverage, and the circle of friends, WeChat group belongs to the special private space, it is difficult for this kind of illegal advertising capture supervisor)相关的主题文章: