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Mistakenly destroys the game machine guy was boss hands cut off the police gambling game machine away. In November 25th, a Panyu District stone village, Pingshan 25 year old A Bin playing in front of a supermarket, was placed in slot machine thought he was going to destroy the machine, his arms chopped. Yesterday, the reporter found in the vicinity of the industrial park has a shop for gambling gaming machine, the police came to the 3 game machine sealed away, the boss fled on the spot. The boy was hurt the hand game dispute 25 year old Jiangxi guy a-bing and mother in a village in Panyu, lived for nearly 5 years, two people to run a shop for aluminum. In November 25th 9 o’clock in the evening, after dinner, A Bin told his mother to go out to play with her friends for a while, then moving away from home, more than an hour after the mother has received a telephone call, the other said "A Bin was cut off". Mother rushed to the village hospital, a bin has been sent to the emergency room. Yesterday, the reporter saw A Bin in the village hospital ward, his left hand was bandaged, still need further treatment. A Bin told reporters that he came to the village a supermarket door the night of November 25th, friends persuaded, want to try a new game in front of the supermarket, who knows the machine can not operate normally. Just as he wanted to ask the boss why the machine can not be normal use, suddenly from the store out of a man, accusing him of ruining the game machine. Subsequently, two strange men came to him, taking two machetes from the side of the motorcycle. He saw each other with a knife, readily copied from the stool to self-defense. After that, both sides are damaged game dispute, strange man with a knife to cut off a bin, a bin Dodge was cut in the left hand. "They cut me down and ran away." A Bin said he accompanied a friend to the village hospital in Panyu. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the incident in front of the supermarket, A Bin said the game has disappeared. Some villagers told reporters that the supermarket was placed in front of the game machine is used to gambling slot machines, every evening there are not young villagers to play. A young supermarket clerk told reporters, do not know a few days ago there was no cut people event, said the clerk on the slot machine, in front of the store: "the boss is not in, I do not know what people put up, the machine has now been Zhibao team away." The industrial park found a village game Ping Shan villagers said, previously in the village in front of shops, often have the game type of tiger suspected of gambling machines, can play games with coins, when Bo rewards; public security organs in recent years for this type of gambling game strike intensified, many shops no longer do this kind of business, but the shop owner said "people often ask, would you like to put the machine in the door, we can’t promise". Yesterday, in the insider guidance, the reporters came to a village only two or three km away from Pingshan Village Industrial Park, found a store building downstairs door Yongye stood before 3 slot machines, at 1 am, many young people come to this, first use the cash to the grocery store owners to buy game currency, the price for a a process of playing a game, if you can get double win, the game currency, but most of them are lost, some lose is tens of dollars worth of game currency. Press the alarm 10 minutes later, Zhongcun police station arrived at the scene, the store owner saw the police arrived at the scene immediately left the scene from the back door. People’s police。相关的主题文章: Some local governments do not budget budget is not afraid or do not want to – new network-invictus gaming

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