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"Warrior" hard shot record panorama reduction Shengsizhizhan "warrior" record special panorama "fly away Luding Bridge Tencent" reduction of entertainment news by 81 film studio famous director Ning Haiqiang, the famous writer Zhao Dongling, Zhao Ningyu screenwriter, Luo Lixian choreographed the war action movie "warrior" is currently nationwide, 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march and sincere a gift. The film by Nie Yuan, Yu Xiaowei, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, by the stars of the film, such as, and so on, and so on, by the performance of the film, such as: Li Dongxue. "Warrior" to new creative ideas and shooting technology, reduction of the long march Dadu and flying from Luding Bridge two classic battle, several generations will be fewer of the textbook rememory the big screen. As the main theme of the film’s breakthrough, the release of 10 days, the warriors to less than ten percent of the row, get nearly 26 million box office good results, gain recognition and reputation of the audience. Recently, "warrior" exposure documentary film, further decryption on plateau currents, blood battles hard shot, showing the true creative mentality. Documentary real decryption war behind the scenes to shoot the human race to limit the war action movie "warrior" in the recently released "war of the brave" documentary, a comprehensive analysis of the film behind the scenes unknown story. "When you find the soul of a movie, there are other impulses." In the documentary director Ning Haiqiang said the opening of sincere, from the snow capped mountains aerial, rain night raid, bamboo running jump, Dadu River Stream ferry, to tackle tough and so on thirteen pieces of iron on the scene, "warrior" documentary film showing all hidden behind the hardships. "It’s hard, it’s an ordinary crew."." Even if there are rich war action movie shooting experience, director Ning Haiqiang still thank the team in the "warrior" in the painstaking work is not unusual. In the eyes of the audience, "warrior" in the war, with the elusive enjoyable scene, with the environment shown in poetic metaphor contains war; and for the actor, is a kind of "hitherto unknown" experience. Li Dongxue, who plays the soul of the Yellow army, said: "this work is really let me very hard work, is also a challenge to the pressure." As an elite fighting Liao Daqiang Yu Xiaowei said: "the local load ten at an altitude of more than 3 thousand to twenty pounds, and machine guns run, this is the limit of normal strength, we even each running fifteen to twenty meters will need oxygen." Not only do they have to overcome the symptoms of headache and fever caused by altitude sickness, but also bear the wear and tear in the running process, and even the bite of poisonous mosquitoes. Panoramic reduction interpretation of "flying from Luding Bridge" with "create the spirit of the warrior" refers to the highlight film "fly away Luding Bridge", director Ning Haiqiang said: "Luding Bridge is the core of the core, only completed the real Luding Bridge, will cause people to watch the desire." Therefore, "warrior" team with perfect technology and art with the means to achieve the film in Luding Bridge is nearly 1:1 in the proportion of the base is completed, the real deal thirteen pieces of iron show warriors in history style. In nearly two months time.相关的主题文章: