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Wang Yang and U.S. Secretary of Commerce, trade representative, CO chaired the twenty-seventh JCCT – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington, November 23 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yuran Diao Haiyang) the twenty-seventh JCCT in 21 to 23 days in washington. Wang Yang, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council and Chinese U.S. Secretary of Commerce Pritzker, CO chaired the trade representative. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack. Wang Yang said that during President Xi Jinping and President Obama met in Hangzhou and Lima to hold talks and reached important consensus on promoting the development of Sino US economic and trade relations, pointed out the direction for the convening of this joint commission. China is willing to work together with the United States to earnestly implement the consensus of the two heads of state, expand cooperation, promote more fruitful cooperation between the two countries in two-way investment, intellectual property rights, innovation policy, competition policy, standard setting, digital economy, food security and other fields, and properly control differences, meaning to the outside interpretation of Sino US conflict is not confrontation, mutual respect win-win cooperation, the new relations between big powers, a solid foundation for the Sino US economic and trade relations next year and longer period of development lay, demonstrate the role and vitality of the JCCT mechanism. The United States said that since the establishment of the joint committee, in promoting bilateral trade, expanding investment, to solve the business sector has played a positive role in the focus of attention. In recent years, the two sides of the reform of the mechanism of the Commission, an increase of a series of cooperative activities and strategic issues of discussion, the formation of a number of consensus. The United States is willing to use the remaining term of the Obama administration to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation to achieve more pragmatic results for the U.S. – China Economic and trade relations in the United States after the transition to lay the foundation for a smooth transition. The Joint Commission, the two sides around the 12 important issues of bilateral economic and trade relations in-depth discussions, held a business luncheon, entrepreneur Roundtable, agricultural food workshops, seminars and a series of digital economic cooperation activities, held a strategic economic thematic digital conference and signed two cooperation documents, and reached consensus on many. The two sides announced the list of the results of the Joint Commission on commerce and trade. (end)相关的主题文章: