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Walton excavated the Lakers bench: strong U.S. media is expected to enter the playoffs – Sports Sohu   November 12th Beijing time yesterday, the Losangeles Lakers beat Sacramento 101-91 record at 4 kings, winning more than 5 wins and 50% negative. Local media in Losangeles think the Lakers’ strong substitute team can help the team into the playoffs. The Lakers last only 17 wins, for the worst record before the start of this season, the Lakers were forecast to the bottom of the League again. But so far, the Lakers shot down over the Houston rockets in the opener, and Atlanta hawks away, back lost sitting on four giant Jinzhou warriors, yesterday was also reversed the Sacramento kings. In these victories, the Rockets, the hawks and the warriors were part of the playoffs last season. Now the Lakers will rebound from 17 wins last season, they have a young and talented squad players for Walton, Jordan – Clarkson said that Walton is willing to go through fire and water. Walton set up a winning culture among the Lakers, but also enjoy as much as possible rotation team lineup. Most of the NBA team is a rotation of eight, sometimes nine people, but the Lakers were up by 10 rotation, which is very effective. The Lakers first is Russell, Nick Young, Deng, Jules and Mozgov Randall, a bench – Williams, Clarkson, Lu Ingram, Nancy and Black. There are nine players averaging on more than 20 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes, the super team core players in general playing time more than 35 minutes, it can be seen that the Lakers all. The key to the game, there are always different Lakers forward Russell show the spiritual leader, Yang I was born career best, Randall offensive on both ends, Mozgov’s performance exceeded expectations, Clarkson found personal position, Black can fight under the basket, Williams had a big heart gradually into the key, Ingram NBA. Small people show excellent match temperament. The Lakers currently averaging 107.9 points for the league’s sixth place, the more impressive is their bench scoring ability, the field has a score of 48.9 points. The Lakers can quickly change during the game, while maintaining the strength and vitality of the game. Walton for different games to make a different approach, most of the time the Lakers play small ball tactics, but in the game against the king, Walton also let Mozgov has been kept on the field. When the team has young talent and veteran, Walton can always dig out the team’s greatest potential. According to the eighth Rockets last season playoff record (41 wins and 41 losses, winning 50%) if the Lakers continue in this state, is expected to enter the playoffs. (CHE)相关的主题文章: