U.S. interest rate hike in Hong Kong stocks hit the biggest one-day decline in seven months since-hamimelon

The chance to raise interest rates rise in Hong Kong stocks hit seven months since the new September new network in the biggest one-day drop in 13, according to Hongkong, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the U.S. interest rate hike by the probability of warming, drag on European stock markets on Friday fell the first 12 days, Hong Kong stocks are affected, an opening is our more than five hundred points, followed by more or more deep contusion, closed 809 points to close at 23290 points, in addition to Hong Kong is seven months since the biggest one-day drop since the 12 day, more global fall most of the stock market. Analysis of the expected interest rate results in the absence of the United States before HSI repeatedly soft. The night last night had 23300 points, up 59 points. The three major U.S. stock index on Friday fell more than 2%, Hong Kong stocks yesterday opened to undertake the decline in U.S. stocks sharply lower, has 503 points, followed by the afternoon fell deeper, selling pressure to further increase in the day low closing, closed at 23290 points, down 809, turnover of 94 billion 500 million yuan (HK $, the same below), compared with the last trading day dropped more than 22 billion yuan. Only heavy blue chips fell significantly, tired and dragged the Hang Seng Index, mobile Tencent fell more than 3%, CCB and HSBC were down 5.4%, 2.6%%, is this four blue chip has dragged the Hang Seng Index 303 points total. As the market is expected to increase in U.S. interest rates rise, the interest rate sensitive real estate stocks bear the brunt of the Hang Seng property index yesterday slumped more than 1300 points, and only local real estate stocks fell sharply, Wheelock and Cheung Wah fell more than 5%, fell 4.4% and 3.8% respectively in real estate. CMB international strategist Su Peifeng said that over the past two months, Hong Kong stocks have been tired up about 2000 points, there has been the HSI overbought market yesterday, with increases in the United States as an excuse to sell up opportunities, plus the renminbi downward pressure on the stock market will bring influence. Su Peifeng said on Tuesday (20 days) before the FOMC, HSI will repeatedly soft, is expected around 22700 points to 23700 points. Beijing Huashan, a research director Peng Weixin believes that Hong Kong stocks decline can also see dyphylline, whether keep the 20 antenna (2 points), this level is an important juncture, in the absence of FOMC results before, he believes the market sentiment is strong, and even if the Fed does not raise interest rates expected in September, December is also a great opportunity to raise interest rates.相关的主题文章: