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TV drama "Qi Tan 2" boot Aarif Lee, Ying Er joined – Beijing Beijing in November 15, TV drama "Qi Tan 2" in Xiangshan starting yesterday. The play by the joint investment of Ali pictures and Beijing Chengxiang film culture media Co. Ltd., and has directed many classic costume drama China Hongkong director Cai Jingsheng strength Zhang jing. The boot starring lineup debut, starring Aarif Lee could not attend to micro-blog interactive announced blockbuster franchise news, Ying Er, Fu Xinbo, Jiang Wen, Ken Chang starring in the form of live users and intimate interaction. In addition, the official first exposure to a concept version of the poster, the picture on the nine day at the midstream, isolated, and withered vine is the crown chains bound to potuerchu. Starring Ying Er, Fu Xinbo boot on the same day, the drama for the first time announced the cast: Aarif Lee, Ying Er, Fu Xinbo, Jiang Wen, Bing Shao, Ken Chang, Jin Qiaoqiao, Hu Bing, Zeng Li, and Dylan Kuo, Guo Ziyu, Wu Chunyan, He Zhonghua, Li Yixiang and other powerful actors to join, and guest sesson. The netizens are through pictures and text in the form of a crew boot, and the TV drama "Qi Tan 2" for the first time in the video broadcast way to share with friends starting time intravenous drip, so users for the first time to understand the whole process of TV drama to boot. In addition to starring Aarif Lee failed to get to the crew that day, in the pay anchor under the lead, Ying Er, and so on, starring in the interaction with the user,, and so on. In recent years, the ancient costume immortal theme TV drama has dominated the screen. It is reported that in 2017 there will be many Xian Xia start shooting drama director Cai Jingsheng said, in this regard, TV drama "Qi Tan 2" not afraid, "in order to be able to give the audience a super high quality Xian Xia drama, we invite the international team to participate in the film production budget will be more put into production". The director admitted that although there is a lot of room to play in the creation, but the original classic games and many loyal fans also allow the crew to withstand tremendous pressure. Therefore, TV drama "Qi Tan 2" of the figures in the real, will maximize the reduction of the game, it is the conscience of Xian xia. In addition, "Qi Tan 2" today also revealed the first concept poster, grey tone to strengthen the deep sense of pictures, posters on the nine day in the midstream, isolated. The body is the vine and crown chains bound to potuerchu. The picture shows a strong sense of oppression, will stream on the city, between the crown sword and withered vines, chains and other changes in the delicate relationship between artfully. Which means the sword scabbard, Tan will be fu. It is reported that the drama program in many provinces and cities nationwide on-site shooting, shooting period will be as long as 8 months, and will be the summer of next year is expected to complete by the end of 2017, appeared on the screen to meet with you.相关的主题文章: