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Trump cited the students "inner refuse" teacher "overtime" calm [global network reported abroad] according to foreign media news, Donald Trump on Tuesday in the campaign against Hilary Clinton, will become the new president of the United States, and because as a "mad" like the special words and deeds, many teachers, parents and students of the victory reacted strongly. In the world of the school, the students have expressed their own feel fear, but the teachers have to adopt various methods to guide students to calm down, to turn their attention back to the studies. You can find a lot of people in the classroom discussions on twitter, Facebook and other social media, especially the students from immigrant families expressed concerns, because during the campaign, Trump seems not particularly friendly to immigrant groups. The following is the end of the election, some discussion from the world of teachers, parents and students have this: "my daughter’s class are girls know after Trump won has been crying, she was only 12 years old, and we live in Brazil! I have to say this is a challenge for the whole world!" Simeon K Rabbani please do not ask whether the normal class tomorrow, although Trump won, the sky has not collapsed." Granite School District, I met today, the first student asked me: teacher, today, immigration officials will come to the school to find us?" Larry Ferlazzo "may God bless my daughter’s teacher, give them enough love and patience. This class really can not go on, the teachers have to explain why Trump won, but also to appease the mood of everyone." Many parents of Trump’s "big mouth" angry, a group of students in the United States at lunch time while watching TV again loudly repeating Trump’s slogan "the wall built up (Build the Wall)" (Trump believes that we should strengthen the management of the Mexican border to prevent more illegal immigrants into the United States), and the class of Latino students after hearing was to cry. Parents believe that Trump’s improper speech would encourage bullying in schools, so that students hate each other, the consequences are terrible. There are also some descendants of immigrants who intend to write to President elect Trump to express their ideas, tell him and his family are very good people. In Sacramento, Tuolude Burbank high school, many students spontaneously in the writing class chose to write to Trump, and then their teacher Larry ferlazzo the sincere text published in the blog: "I am a high school student, from afghanistan. Because there were so many wars, we couldn’t go to school there, so we came to america. We are grateful for this country and want to return the people here. What you have said in this campaign has made me and my family so sad. I often cry for that." "I am a high school student from Honduras. Where violence is rampant, we have to come to the United states. I"相关的主题文章: