To do a comprehensive physical examination in Jinhua 178 Taiwan old elevator before the end of the m ppbox

Jinhua 178 Taiwan old elevator before the end of the month to do a comprehensive physical examination lift old how to do? Jinhua has recently set up a special elevator safety assessment expert library. 9 elevator technology experts from all over the country first warehousing. Before the end of November this year, they will participate in the free safety assessment as the first batch of 178 sets of Jinhua old elevator, the elevator do a comprehensive "examination". Jinhua existing 42334 elevators, of which there are used in the 37541, the city level of 8151 units. The old elevator safety assessment is a good way to solve the problem and solve the problem in time. According to the "national quality inspection administration 2016 elevator safety battle work program" requirements, recently, the Jinhua Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau subordinate units Jinhua City special inspection center starting from technical support force, elevator safety organization established in Jinhua special equipment inspection center evaluation expert database, and convened the first meeting. Next, from the country’s major well-known elevator manufacturers of these 9 warehousing experts, Jinhua will be the old elevator safety assessment, risk prevention to contribute." Jinhua City special inspection center deputy director Liu Zhigang introduced, this time not to use assessment, lift charge, lift the high priority and the residents more complaints service life of more than 10 years, the public gathering places, the failure rate. Included in the first batch of free safety assessment of Jinhua a total of 178 Taiwan old elevator, elevator, elevator are old people reflect some of the usual and more complaints, including residential elevator 52, plans to complete the assessment tasks before the end of November. For expert technical evaluation, security assessment work carried out smoothly, Jinhua City special inspection center also deployed inspectors inspection experienced more than 4 assessment group, formulate detailed assessment rules, to participate in the whole evaluation. According to reports, a comprehensive risk analysis and risk assessment of the safety assessment will be through the elevator machine, spare parts, human behavior, management status, predicting the potential hazards existing in elevator system and its distribution and quantity, puts forward countermeasures and measures to reduce the risk, for elevator update, transformation, to provide reference for the repair. Relying on the technical support of warehousing experts and our own staff, we will be multiple checks and checks, the threat to the safety of the people in the elevator safety hidden in the bud." Liu Zhigang said. According to reports, in Jinhua if the public found the old elevator his side have more faults and complaints, can also be timely to reflect the quality supervision departments.相关的主题文章: