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Travel-and-Leisure If you wish to go on a temple trail, then there is no better place in India than Tirupati. With a Tirupati online booking, you can now enjoy a Tirupati darshan, an ardent desire of most Hindu pilgrims. This article highlights some of the many attractions of the town and the benefits that .e with a Tirupati package. The state of Andhra Pradesh in South India is the quintessential holy destination for thousands of travelers from all nooks of the country. South India is known for its array of religious destinations. Even a metro city like Chennai .prises of a number of must-see temples. The state of Kerala too boasts of interesting & historic temples which can be feasted for your spiritually-starved eyes. Tirupati darshan is no different! The small town situated in Andhra Pradesh ensures that every tourist has his wishes fulfilled and gets to carve out a memorable sojourn. If you are fed up with your routine life, then take a hiatus and make a Tirupati online booking. The journey will be really fascinating since the world out here is so different from what people are used to in their metropolitan avenues. There are many attractions and places of sightseeing which will greet you here. Your first stop should be the temple of Tirupati or the shrine of Lord Venkateswara, which is, without a doubt, the most visited place in the town and the chief reason why everyone .es to the town. The ocean of humanity out here may give you goose bumps and a sense of being in the surreal. It is a .pletely different planet out here. The throng of thousands presents a larger-than-life picture and despite the huge number of devotees, one can smell the sweet fragrance of peace & tranquility. Tirupati darshan also ensures that you take back home some memories of flowers, incense sticks and sandalwood paste. The trip to the temple can be a learning experience for all the foreigners who will get an eyeful of the rituals & religious customs practiced in this vast country. Another popular attraction is the ISKCON Temple which has been built to honor Lord Krishna and his muse Radha. Though, the ISKCON trust has built a number of temples all over the country (and some even outside India), the one at Tirupati is beyond .parison, when it .es to beauty. It is a must-visit for any devotee. Nature too .es to party at this quaint & tranquil town. The presence of Talakona Waterfall is soothing to the eye which has been subjected to the torturous concretes of high-rise cities. Then there is the verdant rock Garden which too can leave an indelible mark on your heart. Tirupati package gives you this opportunity to explore the religious as well as the natural beauty of the town. The benefits of buying a Tirupati package are many: -The travelers can be assured of advanced hotel bookings and a .fortable stay. -All traveling hassles are taken care of by the tour operators and you can enjoy your vacation in peace. -Your expenses are reduced since these packages are cheap. -You also save time and are exempted from running to & fro. -Tirupati online booking also gives you the added advantage of booking rooms & hotels of your choice from your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: