There are 10 things in the middle class (Bilingual) cashmere mafia

Among the middle class will have 10 items (Bilingual) smart TV         1 SMART TV           smart TV       They buy smart TV, they use the extra functions for the first week or two, but after that it reverts to being used as a standard television. But it is important for friends to know you own a TV that does so much more than play out BBC1.         they buy smart TV, use the special function of the first one or two weeks, then when using ordinary tv. But the point is that friends know that you have a TV can not only look at BBC1!         2 A BARBECUE             barbecue     The; barbecue is beloved by the men of the middle classes. A focal point for alfresco entertaining.         outdoor barbecue is widely loved by middle-class men that is an important part of outdoor recreation.         3 VINYL RECORDS         vinyl         Many youngish, trendy middle- class couples in search of an identity now " collect" vinyls as if; to show how different they are.         many young middle-class couples are to reveal the identity, are now collecting vinyl records to show clean相关的主题文章: