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The Yuan Dynasty had blown the "high life" – Beijing Yuan Dynasty had "high life" blow "Palace Korea is like new clothes, square collar over the shoulder cut half arm. The night of the home to borrow to see, for had to come to the royal." This is the Yuan Dynasty poet Zhang Yu wrote the poem, describing the Yuan Dynasty old Beijing had "high life" blowing, "Korea clothing" into the homes of ordinary people. As everyone knows, the special relationship between the Yuan Dynasty and Korea. From 1231 to 1259, the Mongolia army has 6 large-scale into Korea, but Kublai, who had made the Korea proton in the Khanate of Mongolia to win the prince? Timely, the trust, in order to maintain the stability of the throne, Korea request and Yuan Dynasty marriage, after the Yuan emperor or members of the Royal family’s daughter married and the king of Korea will become an example system, so the former king of Korea is the son-in-law of the king of Korea, and the sons of Princess yuan and was established as heir, then become king day. The princess of Mongolia as the agent, have higher than the power of the king in Korea. For example, the princess to marry in Korea’s Queen, ill mannered, but the king of "martyrs’ ban may not, but feel it", and the princess of the king at a beat. Because the princess has played a supervisory role, so Kublai in Qi Long princess married 4 years later, the original withdrawal in Korea darughachi (Ombudsman). In 1287, Kublai had decreed Korea virgin officials must first register, otherwise can not get married. In 1307, Korea Wang Ting is ordered, the 13 years old 16 years old woman, are not allowed to get married. From 1275 to 1347, Korea sent a total of $16. The Yuan Dynasty is a dynasty attached great importance to the commercial, 1280, Kublai declared: "because the foreign ships announced my mind, really to North Korea, I would spoil the ceremony, the trade contacts, all from the desire." The effect of a very large imperial, Korea people "to benefit human trafficking". Korea and China are convenient, only 3 days to sail. In addition, Korea and Yuan Dynasty emissaries are very dense, according to statistics, from 1218 to 1367, Korea sent envoys to the Mongolian Yuan 479 yuan, 277 times sent envoys to Korea. Due to the special close bilateral exchanges, for the cultural communication have created favorable conditions, the Yuan Dynasty, "Korea female gentle good people, to a lot of pet, since positive since the palace to make things, most of the Korea woman, so four Dress Boots and hats probably are in Korea". Not only Korea fashion, Korea began to pop, that is "the daughter will needle, will go to Korea to learn speech, teach new fan partridge song, a quasi value daughter". Yuan culture partial rough, while Korea is influenced by the Han culture, pay attention to gentle and elegant, the yuan in the Central Plains based on time is long, have a new understanding of Chinese culture, Korea culture, which is the fundamental reason for the popularity of wind energy in Korea. Interestingly, most of the popular high Korea is popular in Mongolia life, the wind, in the Korea Dynasty under the force of the people of Korea, once take Mongolia to Mongolia’s Korea Zhonglie king to four years (1278) in February, the king of Korea ordered the "territory of all service on the country, this dress" even Kublai are surprised dissatisfaction).相关的主题文章: