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The worst season to avoid relegation at the end of the round three team announced suspense ashore Greentown Greentown 2-1 Farewell – Sohu sports Fudelameng break angle flagpole passion to celebrate the Beijing time on October 30th, the 2016 season of Super League thirtieth round finish, after the final Hangzhou Greentown in Yanbian flight was relegated with home court, Yongchang and Shijiazhuang next year they will play in the league. While the current have to win the Tianjin TEDA, Liaoning Hongyun and Changchun Yatai is reserved for themselves in the top league. This season in the relegation battle is fierce, until the League finale is coming, and as many as four teams are in danger of relegation, they were 29 rounds to finish with 33 points for Liaoning Hongyun and Tianjin TEDA, 32 points and 31 points Changchun Yatai Hangzhou greentown. It is worth mentioning that the four teams have only two points between each other, the last round of the game to determine the fate of any team. Who will step in Shijiazhuang Yongchang’s footsteps, becoming the 2016 season last super outcast, everything in the end after the dust settles. May originally have not come to the calculation problem of burning brain appeared, because of TEDA, the distant foot and have to win in the Yatai round, the three teams with relegation initiative team eventually put the destiny in their own hands. While the Hangzhou green city competition results has become less important, perhaps the final penalty before the end of the Hong Mingfu team slightly decent left the game over, in fact, compared to the results of victory downgrade, so the story is set for everyone is better. Admittedly, in the current round of the first to break the deadlock in the Hangzhou Greentown also once saw the echelon hope, after when the Yanbian flight score counter ultra, in fact, all the good wishes are like a mirage and insubstantial objects. As the only possible downgrade save four team in the road team, Tianjin TEDA even occupy the advantages of integration on, but believe that before the game and Chongqing Lifan will let the outside world can not help but worry about the future of their. In view of various grievances of the past, believe that Zhang wailong team in no way inferior to win desire to challenge the Jinmen tiger. Even in have no pressure, but still has the strongest lineup from Chongqing Lifan own can discharge, lay their last home court determined it is self-evident. Fortunately, with Diagne scored two of the final in Tianjin TEDA away 2 to 1 victory over the opponent, in the season the last moment is near misses in the super stadium. Good evening meal afraid, although is four at the end of the round to avoid relegation team in a final score, but eventually Liaoning Hongyun gains a relatively satisfactory result. In fact, after the penultimate round League Home Court released Changchun Yatai, the echelon prospect Liao Xiaohu had originally fairly clear emergent variables, but a 1-0 victory over League finale of the home court made himself a relegation specialist to continue. Of course, for meritorious service team Junzhe, home court victory to avoid relegation, not what will make him more so than the bid farewell to the free. I believe that when the twenty-sixth round in the League Changchun Yatai away 2 3 lost to Shijiazhuang after Yongchang, no)相关的主题文章: