The wedding of Peter Ho Jam Hsiao singing the bouquet (Figure) sorry not to grab new network –

The wedding of Peter Ho Jam Hsiao sang regret (Figure) – grab bouquet Beijing photograph: "Taiwan China times" in new network on 2 September,   according to Taiwan’s "China times news, Peter Ho (Peter) and Lin Jingyi (Peggy) low-key courtship 9 years, in March this year, registration of marriage, married 1 days and I open 53 tables wedding banquet. Peter Ho for many years, with the popularity for wedding in addition to Dylan Kuo as best man, friends and friends of the ball Jam Hsiao is the plane went straight to the wedding scene, took office when the wedding singer, or even to smoke with Huaqiao section, he is also the first to sign onto the platform, shouting: "I want to get married!" Old Shaw on stage saying "if I sing, do not step down, he had to sing" I Just Called To Say I Love You "and 3 songs, the last song impromptu piano singing, but singing actually talk" next time I will be prepared, "said Peter Ho nervously" not again ", turn the audience laugh. The funny thing is, to draw with Huaqiao section, old Xiao rushing onstage, shouting: "I want to get married!" Look in the bag, but he is not in the final draw bouquet.相关的主题文章: