The Vancouver Film Festival, where are you Jing Ke win four awards-66814

The Vancouver Film Festival, "where are you" four King Award after Ke Sina entertainment news on September 9th, the fourth Vancouver International Film Festival grand opening, Vancouver Chinese Film Festival is the third international Chinese Film Festival after the London International Chinese Film Festival, the golden koala Chinese Film Festival, has been trying to build a sea inside and outside communication platform so that more excellent Chinese film out of the country, facing the world. This year, the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival gathered from a number of outstanding domestic film and television works to participate in and compete for 15 important awards. Directed by a new director Fan Haolun, Jing Ke strength actor starring crime movie "you" in which talent shows itself from the many excellent works, also won four heavyweight Grand Prix, respectively. The best film award, best actress award, best director award, best cinematography award. Jing Ke "by virtue of the excellent interpretation in which you" in the best actress laurel crowned winner. It also makes you where to break the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival award-winning record, so far to participate in the film won the most awards works. Earlier at the Venice Film Festival Premiere of the film on the reputation of blasting, the award is a blockbuster, triggered public discussion. It is worth mentioning that, "you are where the opening day" and Vancouver screenings of Chinese Film Festival screenings, the scene unprecedented, many foreign visitors come here. In the process of screening, the switch fault occurred theater, the sponsor on hundreds of spectators evacuated. However, recovery after viewing, we again queuing up for admission, venue is still full, the audience also evacuated All seats are occupied. earlier, no one left. The organizers said, in this case, although this emergency situation It is often seen. on the film festival, but the audience would like a movie, or the first time. After the end of the film, the film received a long time of applause and gain the praise of overseas media and audience. Earlier won best film "no man’s land" is the road type crime films, the award-winning "where are you" is the edge type crime films, the two with the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival best film, and are all different types of crime subject, whether the difference in what? "Where are you" as the first Chinese marginal crime genre film has been so much praise for the release, the film what innovation? More and more people look forward to the early release of the film in the country. (commissioning editor: hidden)相关的主题文章: