The source of Sanjiang core area dump heavy snow weather experts have new network – in winter-candy candy

The source of Sanjiang core area dump heavy snow weather experts have winter news agency of the new network in Xining in September 23, (Sun Rui Jin Quancai) "affected by the cold air from the north and southwest flow, from the beginning of September 23rd morning, Lancang Sanjiang is located in the core area of the river source, the source of the Yellow River Zaduo county and Qumalai County etc. in sudden blizzard, the temperature dropped to 0 degrees Celsius, has entered the winter, the snow is still continuing." Qinghai Prefecture of Yushu Province Meteorological Observatory deputy director Wei Yongliang 23, told news agency reporters. Sanjiang source of earth "third pole" of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River River, Lancang three major rivers, is China and Southeast Asia important freshwater supply, with the "Alpine germplasm resources library", the ecosystem service function, natural landscape, biodiversity protection is important value. Wei Yongliang told reporters, affected by the cold air from the north and southwest airflow, as of the day of 14, large areas of Yushu appeared strong precipitation weather process obviously, the Zaduo rainfall of 7.6 mm, Qumalai County, rainfall of 7.5 mm, Qingshui River 8.3 mm of precipitation, snowfall levels are reached Blizzard level. "The heavy rainfall precipitation center in Zhiduo County of Yushu Prefecture, rainfall of 10.2 mm, the autumn of this year since the first snowfall in Sanjiang is also the source of the core area. Although it is autumn, but it has begun to enter the winter." Wei Yongliang said that at present, Yushu Meteorological Observatory has been to Qingshui River and Zhiduo county and Qumalai County issued a blizzard warning signal blue. In September autumn, parts of Qinghai not only an invigorating autumn climate feeling, wake up but the temperature drop, then the snow outside the window. Many local herdsmen micro-blog sun snow, also Tucao South buddies don’t want summer, welcome to spend the winter in Yushu, Yushu began to heating!" "There is no summer, no autumn, only winter." Wei Yongliang said, according to the latest weather forecast, there are still 24 days to 26 days of rain and snow weather source is located in Sanjiang core area of northern Yushu, temperatures between 4 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius, the local people should travel to take timely measures to keep warm. (end)相关的主题文章: