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These robots have made human chefs unemployed. [Abstract] robots have begun to invade human society and undertake various jobs. Chefs are undoubtedly the most promising one. People are always worried that robots will replace human beings one day, but in fact, many jobs have been occupied by robots. Compared with the manual, the robot is easier to control, higher efficiency, lower cost, more suitable for some low end of the repeatability; of course, with the development of AI artificial intelligence, robots have begun to invade high-end jobs, and may even become CEO in the future. But what we’re going to talk about today is robot chefs, and look at the machines that fight around here all over the world. Foxbox: Foxbox is much faster than the human face is Foxconn group to develop a robot, you can cut noodles with fast speed, and the size is very uniform, the efficiency can be higher than human beings. At present, 3 Foxbox are serving in an open kitchen restaurant in Shanxi, which is a scenic line. Hamburg robot: one hour to do 400 Hamburg technology company of the city of San Francisco Momentum Machines, developed a "robot burger Chef", equivalent to a complete production line can realize the hamburger, slice, meat loaf, forming the complete process, every hour can make 400 hamburgers, very alarming. It is reported that it will appear in a new restaurant opened in San Francisco city. Sushi robot: do sushi in dozens of seconds, Japan’s robotic company Kawasaki developed a sushi robot, you can do a sushi in dozens of seconds. The robot is composed of two supporting arm which can complete grip and squeeze the complex rice and vegetable roll with mustard, make delicious sushi. Zume robot: make Zume a delicious pizza pizza restaurant in San Francisco City, in cooperation with the Swiss robot manufacturer ABB designed a pizza robot, the whole system is a complete pizza production line, although still need to manually placed bread and garnish, but can be achieved with sauces, baking and other processes, greatly reducing the artificial demand. Pancake Bot: dessert 3D printer Pancake Bot is a 3D printer, you only need to add batter in the raw material box, choose a design diagram through PC or smart phone, you can print different forms of pancakes, very cool. This product has grown up in the public platform, has been successfully listed, priced at 300 U.S. dollars (about 2003 yuan). Moley Robotics: do 2000 dishes Moley Robotics initially in 2015 the German trade exhibition, can be said to be a real chef robot, because it’s in the database have as many as 2000 dishes, including Steamed Rice, sushi, crab soup, chicken and so on various Orange Juice cuisine, very powerful. The robot consists of a 3D camera, two arms and 129 sensors, and, of course, a central processing unit, which can adjust the furnace temperature, stir, select ingredients, and a more powerful version will be released in 2017. Makr Shakr: professional bartender Makr.

这些机器人已经让人类厨师失业了 [摘要]机器人已经开始入侵人类社会,承担各种工作,厨师无疑是最具前途的一个。人们总在担心机器人会在某一天彻底取代人类,但实际上,很多工作岗位已经被机器人占据了。相对人工,机器人更容易控制、效率更高、成本更低,更适合一些重复性的低端岗位;当然,随着AI人工智能的发展,机器人也开始入侵高端岗位,甚至有可能在未来成为CEO。不过,我们今天要聊的则是机器人厨师,一起来看看全世界各地奋斗在此岗位的机器人们。Foxbox:削面比人类快得多Foxbox是富士康集团开发的机器人,可以用飞快地速度削面条,并且大小非常均匀,效率可比人类高得多。目前,3台Foxbox正在山西一个开放式厨房餐厅服务,可谓是一道风景线。汉堡机器人:一小时做400个汉堡美国三藩市科技公司Momentum Machines,开发出一款“机器人汉堡厨师”,相当于一条完整的汉堡生产线,可以实现切片、烤肉饼、压制成型等完整的工序,每小时可制作400个汉堡,非常惊人。据悉,它将出现在三藩市一个即将开幕的新餐厅。寿司机器人:几十秒内做好寿司日本机器人公司Kawasaki开发了一款寿司机器人,可以在几十秒内做好一个寿司。机器人主要由两支机械臂组成,可完成握饭团、挤芥末等复杂的操作,做出美味的寿司。Zume机器人:做出美味的比萨饼三藩市一家比萨饼餐厅Zume,与瑞士机器人制造商ABB合作设计了一款比萨机器人,整个系统恰似一条完整的比萨生产线,虽然仍需要人工放置面饼和配菜,但可以实现涂抹酱料、烘烤等工序,极大减少了人工需求。Pancake Bot:甜品3D打印机Pancake Bot是一款3D打印机,只需在原料箱中加入面糊、通过PC或是智能手机选择一个设计图,就可以打印出造型各异的煎饼,非常酷。这款产品发迹于众筹平台,目前已经成功上市,售价为300美元(约合人民币2003元)。Moley Robotics:会做2000多道菜Moley Robotics最初在2015年的德国贸易展会上,可以说是一款真正的厨师机器人,因为它的数据库中拥有多达2000多道菜,包括米饭、寿司、蟹肉浓汤、橙汁鸡等等各国美食,非常厉害。机器人由一个3D摄像头、两支手臂及129个传感器,当然还有中央处理单元组成,可自行调整火候、搅拌、选取食材,而更强大的升级版本将于2017年发布。Makr Shakr:专业级调酒师Makr Shakr是一款调酒机器人,用户只要下载手机应用并选择某种鸡尾酒,它就可以完美执行,调制效果非常精确,味道绝对一流。另外,用户还可以通过应用自创鸡尾酒,Makr Shakr也可完美执行。相关的主题文章: