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UnCategorized As I continue my journey through the wonderful world of Network Marketing I am being exposed to new ideas all the time. Probably one of the most difficult notions to wrap my head around is that Network Marketing is NOT about selling. What?!!! You’re probably thinking to yourself that I’ve gone off the deep end. But, I have .e to believe in this principle just as strongly as I believe that the earth is round. I’ve recently made contact with a Network Marketer who has years of experience, has done everything I’ve heard of and more, has probably made all the mistakes I’ve made, plus a few that haven’t even occurred to me yet. The core concept is that Network Marketing is all about relationships. Not the products. Not the .pany. What you REALLY need to be selling is yourself. And if you’re going to be selling yourself, you better make sure that you’re worth the investment. The most bizarre aspect of this program is that it is free. Really. I’ve been involved in the program for several weeks, and nobody has tried to sell me anything. In fact, I don’t even know what MLM my mentor is involved with. I get the material, dial into the training calls, ask questions, and actually get answers. It is interactive training, so the participants (even the newbies like me) are asked for their opinions. To be honest, the whole thing is still a little strange to me. I’ve be.e accustomed to every contact I have with a Network Marketer, especially my uplines in the MLM’s I’m involved with, to be about money. I have to spend more money to make more money. Don’t I want more money? What have I done today to make more money? If I make more money, I’ll be happier! Now I’m being taught that if I’m happier, I’ll make more money. Makes sense in a weird sort of way. This is a free mentoring program. There are multiple sessions held throughout the week so that everyone can have the opportunity to participate regardless of their schedule. The calls cover a variety of subjects: how to talk to prospects in a manner that will make them .fortable, how to evaluate .pensation plans, lead generation techniques, and various other topics that pertain to life in general:but all applicable to Network Marketing. The philosophy is that it is not your fault if you’re failing in your MLM. You simply haven’t received any training in the basic skills. The foundation for the training provided addresses the following crucial areas: The concept that the overwhelming majority of the population is sales resistant, so trying to sell products or services with a lot of hype is going to meet with very limited success. This training concentrates on how to recognize and deal with the four personality types (represented by colors) that you will encounter as you build your business. MLMer’s do not achieve the in.e levels they were promised (and often experience outright failure) because they are convinced by others that they need to change their very nature in order to be.e successful. Most people are un.fortable with the high pressure sales tactics their .panies urge them to use, and will eventually abandon the business. This program will teach aspiring Network Marketers to not only understand themselves, but to understand others and how to deal with them in a way that will help build successful relationships. Another significant portion of the training teaches you how to evaluate MLM’s for the potential to build a thriving, sustainable business. If you were searching for a traditional job with long term employment and financial security, you would likely be very particular about where you sent your resume. Why not apply that same principle to an MLM .pany, especially when you will not only be investing your time, but your money as well? The key principle to understand here is that the business model will drive the behavior in the field. Understand the business model before you invest a single dime. Network Marketing can be a very lucrative business if approached in a logical manner. Learn the basics first, just as you would when starting any new career or business, and you will avoid the emotional and financial disasters that are all too .mon in this industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: