The preseason – single section 10+6 Jiangsu Guangsha peace and harmony wins victory over Zhejiang-crycry

The preseason Hu Xuefeng single 10+6 victory over the Zhejiang Guangsha Jiangsu wins Hu Xuefeng single scored 10+6 Tencent 2016-17 CBA sports news October 8th season in the preseason Jiangsu Danyang Railway Station first day on the 7 day, with Hu Xuefeng’s last-minute Glenealy 5 points, Jiangsu beat Shanghai 96-90; Zhejiang team 21 points victory over the Zhejiang Guangsha ratio. The following is the details of the two games: CBA new season will be the 19 team (Shandong team warm-up match because of violence in May was forbidden to participate in the preseason CBA), respectively the 6 division set up in Xinjiang, Binxian County, Jiangsu Wusu and Shaanxi Danyang, Shanxi Huairen, Liaoning Fengcheng Sichuan and Mianyang. In October 7-10, Jiangsu Danyang Railway Station game, including Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu Guangsha, 4 teams. Jiangsu 96-90 Shanghai Shanghai currently only one foreign aid Frey Dieter can play, and tonight, Liu Xiaoyu truce. The Jiangsu team made a good start, Yi Li ball 45 degrees from Brooks, hit three points, Jiangsu team leading 11-5, but after the Shanghai team Zhang Zhaoxu, Zhai Yi who has scored in the cast, the first half of the game, the score has not been opened, at the end of the first half, the Jiangsu team 48-47 only 1 points ahead. After halftime, the game continues, Shanghai team sent Tang Zihao, Jiangsu team battles a year veteran Hu Xuefeng also in the fourth quarter to go into battle. 1 minutes before the end of the game, the Jiangsu team 89-88 ahead 1 minutes, Shanghai team attack, veteran Hu Xuefeng in the three line a long distance three meters away from the super ball, Jiangsu team leading 92-88. After Zhang Zhaoxu hit the basket into one, still two points behind the Shanghai team can only take the foul tactics, the result is Hu’s two free throws, to help Jiangsu win. In the end, by virtue of the final moments of Hu Xuefeng even scored 5 points, Jiangsu team 96-90 won the game. In this game, the Jiangsu team is still the horse – Brooks scored 32 points, 13 points Samiuerduo Yi Li, Hu Xuefeng 13 points, 10 points and 6 rebounds, Chang Linzhu 8 points, Cao Fei 7 points; the Shanghai team Frey Dieter 19 points, 15 points Zhang Zhaoxu, Zhai Yi 15 points, Lu Wei 13 points, Wu Guanxi 8 points, Tang Zihao did not score. Zhejiang Guangsha 85-64 Zhejiang team foreign aid Warren did not play. The first half of the game, Guangsha full advantage, Zhao Dapeng Li Jinglong, even in three, 12-2 achieved two digit start ahead of the end of the first section, Guangsha leading 19-10. The second section of the game, Guangsha team is also a fierce offensive 13-3, 32-13 two points difference to 20 points to. Second half of the festival, Guangsha team hit rate of decline, but still at the end of the half, 48-33 lead in Zhejiang. The third section of the game, Wang Zheng basket fight, Guangsha 57-35 will be opened to the poor 20 points above. The end of the third quarter, Guangsha team leading 72-57, players from the island of Liu Zheng Stadium on the positive performance, but the hit rate is not high, the last section, each of the parties in the squad, Guangsha 85-64 easy win. Technical statistics, Guangsha team scores relative to the average, Holman 15, Liu Zheng 12, Li)相关的主题文章: