The practicing physician today contest basic skills are too old

The practicing physician today contest basic skills are too old drivers today (November 10th), a city health planning organization of the practicing physician based ability "competition" within the city, 1650 medical practitioner personnel involved in the city’s 54 grade two and above public hospital. The content of the contest consists of two parts: theoretical written test and practical skills. The theory written covering medicine, surgery, emergency diagnosis and clinical science, basic knowledge, and the rational use of medicines, medical records, nine no industry style basic systems and industry standards; practical skills including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, clearance bleeding, fracture fixation and rotation and other practical medical operation project. It is understood that, in order to ensure the scientific nature of competition and the results of the fairness of the tournament, the tournament personnel were randomly selected, and prescribed 1000 beds above 30 hospitals, 1000 below 20 people participate in the theoretical contest, each hospital identified 6 people participate in skills contest. Skills competition according to the distribution of the five functional areas, a total of central test sites, Wanzhou, Qianjiang, Shapingba, Yongchuan five test sites. Is it difficult to practice basic skills for in-service practitioners? In the morning of the practice skills competition held by the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, doctors from the children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing said that because of being randomly drawn, the test items were also learned on the spot, and the preparation time was less, but in fact, it was not simple. "I smoke in the debridement, although it looks easy, but the disinfection and cleaning steps are not a mistake, but also pay attention to ask patients feel, to avoid the pain of patients, it should be said, put forward higher requirements for examination to our doctor’s work, more comprehensive in need of professional knowledge on." City Health Planning Commission responsible person said, held the grand tournament, designed to emphasize the practitioners of basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, and consolidate the quality of basic medical care. The division of large hospitals is becoming more and more thin, but we hope that doctors should pay attention to basic skills while they are in high professional level, so that doctors can do their duty in case of emergency."

全市执业医师今日大比武 基础技能也难倒“老司机” 今日(11月10日),一场由市卫计委组织的执业医师基础能力“大比武”在全市范围内展开,参考人员涉及全市54家二级及以上公立医院的1650名执业医师。比武内容共设定理论笔试和实践技能操作两部分。理论笔试内容涵盖内科学、外科学、急诊科学、诊断学等临床基础知识,以及合理用药、病历书写、行业作风九不准等基本制度和行业准则;实践技能主要包括心肺复苏、清仓止血、骨折固定与转动等实用性较强的医疗操作项目。据了解,为了保证比武比武流程的科学性和结果的公平性,比武人员全部施行随机抽取,并规定1000张床位以上医院30人,1000张以下20人参加理论比武,每医院均确定6人参加技能比武。技能比武按照五大功能区分布,共设中心考点、万州、黔江、沙坪坝、永川五个考点。考基础技能,对于在职的执业医师来说有难点吗?在上午重庆市医科大学第一附属医院举行的实践技能比赛中,来自重庆医科大学附属儿童医院的医生表示,因为被随机抽中,考试项目也是现场得知,准备时间少,其实一点也不简单。“我抽中的是清创术,虽然看起来容易,但消毒、清洗等步骤一个都不能搞错,还要注意询问患者的感受,避免病人痛苦,应该说,考试对我们医生的工作提出了更高的要求,在专业知识的掌握上需要更加全面。”市卫计委相关负责人表示,举办此次大比武,旨在强调执业医师对基本理论、基本知识、基本技能的掌握,夯实基础医疗质量。“现在大医院的分科越来越细,但我们希望医生在专业水平高的同时,也注重基础技能,以便在有突发情况发生时,能尽到医生的职责。”相关的主题文章: