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The popular "Yao Zi" – this is the number of Sohu news Zhou Bingliang participated in the village most but the most quiet funeral banquet. The original 7 villagers out of the table was just 10 full table. The village funeral with joy, more lively as possible, but this day the "liquor", we sat quietly, brought out the first dish called "family portrait", no chopsticks. 20 more than a table full of dishes, Zhou Bingliang how can not swallow. All the people are on the "Yao Zi". In September 15th, Gutian County, Ningde City, Fujian province party secretary Yang Zhuo Xiang Zhuang Li Cun Zhou Bingyao, in the fight against typhoon "Meranti", in order to avoid the villagers’ houses flooded, cleaning culverts blockage when the unfortunate drowning sacrifice, only 45 years old. That "Yao Zi was washed away" message, dozens of scattered work in Hainan, Zhejiang, Henan and other places of the fellow back sent to his last journey. Some villagers even the luggage belt, direct drilling of the first class return train. Some villagers "epoch-making" hit 100 yuan taxi home. From 11 to September 14th at 20 on the time of 7 hours, the sum of the cumulative rainfall of up to 15 mm Yang Township, the township of up to 127 mm. The cumulative rainfall of 50 mm or more is a rainstorm. According to the arrangements for the day before, Zhou Bingyao and village Party branch committee member Zhang Huazhong 15 at more than 3 in the morning to go on duty patrol in the village. At that time, the rain must rely on shouting can barely hear each other’s voice, two people holding the torch from the village to sweep the end of the village, the Village Creek water level did not show abnormal, two people meet again at 6 at a time. Zhang Huazhong 5:50 when the phone call, Zhou Bingyao is alone in the rain in the village was picking up mushroom shed mushroom barrel rinse. They worry about what happened. The village elderly activity center near the mushroom shed was destroyed, bamboo, mushroom barrel accumulations of debris falling into the river, blocked the culvert, causing water blocked. That village is low, less than 10 minutes, the water level rose to the bridge, the water level was 3.5 meters high, no bridge surface is about 0.8 meters. Part of the creek flooded house nearly 1 meters deep. The village people know, civil engineering structures of old houses can not afford blisters after Zhuo Yang Xiang statistics, only the day of the township was washed away in the house with 57 seats. Village director Liu Changwu has not found the phone Zhou Bingyao water after the crisis, the door will see he ran out of the blockage has been blocked in the clearance of the culvert. The deck water over the knee, Zhou Bingyao hands seized by a culvert head trying to pull out the bamboo. But that moment pull out, the rapid flow formed by the dredging of the culvert will he even with a bamboo pole into the water. A few meters away from the Zhang Huazhong shouted a big step to the bridge run, a few seconds has disappeared, the village elders recalled, "water faster than the car, no time to react". Help ah! Yao was washed away by the water!" The house is to evacuate villagers Liu Changwu heard the shouts out, crazy run down along the stream. The rain is still falling, hundreds of villagers heard out looking along the riverbank. Way out of the village was blocked by landslides, can only rely on walking, mud over the knee. Some villagers said: "when the heart and water as heavy rain." Village village three ring.相关的主题文章: