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The opponent draws back the match Djokovic frequency lying in the four fishing 870 thousand was less than last year 71 Bureau Djokovic easily into the US Open semi-finals (information) Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 7th news, 2016 US men’s singles top seed Djokovic, with France’s No. 9 seed Tsonga retired injured himself in the U.S. for ten consecutive years advance to the semifinals. Djokovic this year in the U.S. is a fantastic experience. The first round of the Rio Olympics Djokovic exposure cold enemy "big brother" was eliminated, many fans suspected very bluntly can’t believe. But a small German iron have joked that he is for us this year will hold the big move. This effect is called the big cock burst! Not an easy job to do to advance to the semi-finals, but also make money to enjoy life two. Last year’s us open, Djokovic played 155 games before the semi-finals, but this year the U.S. Djokovic after the five round a total of only 384 minutes, playing a total of 84 games. Although the game time has nearly doubled, but the bonus is not earned a point. In the semi-finals, Djokovic has been striving to match $875 thousand prize money, $104 million 170 thousand per credit bureau. While the US campaign, the small German I wish you a happy voyage. life is happy and comfortable outside. In the third round match ceremony back after the harvest Misha, Djokovic got enough rest time. Two days ago in the face book, the small German also drying out homemade Pizza photos, the hands of the racket into a big shovel, focusing on the production of pizza face can be seen on the outside of the small German comfortable. Yesterday, Djokovic still twitter praise life is so beautiful, with a massage son enjoy watching tennis pictures, father thick Djokovic is bursting with happiness? This year the us no one can catch up with the experience of Djokovic, is a field or luck? As for ten consecutive years into us open semi-finals of the players, not the strength of any luck? Djokovic from their third US Open champion and two games, the semi-final against rival Monfils for the first time in the US Open semi-finals. The fans began to ridicule Monfils: "black, you will retire?" (South)相关的主题文章: