The opening of the new network in the Double Ninth Festival aged Beijing fourth old day

The Double Ninth Festival "aged" Beijing fourth old festival – Beijing October 9th Chung Yeung Festival, Beijing held many activities of the rich. "Songjukmae chrysanthemum? Chongyang conference held at the auditorium of the cppcc. Tian Hua, Li Guangxi, Cao Can, Yin Zhiguang, Chen Duo, Yu Dan, Pu Xi, Jiang Xiaohan and many other well-known artists with poetry readings, and the interpretation of respecting. Beijing Chen Duo art studio in October 9th, the Double Ninth Festival, Beijing held many activities of the rich. The picture shows the love experience exhibition in the west "old-age welfare service for the elderly popularizing first-aid knowledge. In October 9th, Zeng Nai Chung Yeung Festival, fourth old festival was officially opened, Beijing held many activities of the rich, the traditional virtues of respecting the inheritance. The picture shows the experience of the elderly in Beijing literary activities. Zeng Nai photo Beijing October 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ceng Nai) the old fashion show, Star Award, the poetry of filial piety…… "The 99 Festival is approaching, Beijing held many activities of the rich. Fourth old festival 9 opening, a series of public activities for inheritance of respecting the old Chinese traditional. Chongyang Festival is a traditional festival China, has been formed in the early Warring States period, and new year’s Eve, Tomb-sweeping Day, section three referred to the traditional four China ghost worship festival. In May 2006, the State Council festival will be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. The opening ceremony of the festival to do for the elderly welfare activities in October 9th 2016, the fourth session of the Beijing city elderly Festival opened in Chaoyang Park in Beijing, hundreds of people for the holidays. According to reports, the old festival activities for a period of three days, with "Chongyang for offering affection" as the theme. The opening ceremony of the scene, the old art troupe fashion show, intangible cultural heritage exhibition and other brilliant, showing the city’s old people healthy and happy style. The same day, a number of agencies but also the scene for the elderly to provide policy advice, pension services and products, gifts home care practical books. "Let’s make filial piety, filial piety is full of social." Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official said, organized by the elderly, is to convey Thanksgiving parents, caring for the elderly, and promote the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. It is reported that, as the old section of the home court, the Chaoyang District Committee on aging, the "respecting the" planning of the 6 categories of 25 activities. "Love in the west" public pension service experience is also the day of the opening exhibition park park, set up a special old-age security pension experience area, tourism experience area, legal aid and other areas, the popularity of first aid, disaster prevention, rehabilitation knowledge, rich endowment way. The same day, Beijing’s culinary master, also prepared a special gift. "2016 Chongyang respect, the truth is surging — catering to people love to pass large charity activities in Beijing opened, culinary masters into the Haidian District Nie Zhuang nursing homes, nursing homes, Jin Yu Longquan apartments for the elderly etc.. From the Beijing Hotel, cheap square, Quanjude, the Diaoyutai Hotel, the Great Hall of the people, Beijing Cuisine Association of chefs, the scene personally for the old people to make the most suitable for the health of the elderly China dishes, fried meat, osmanthus master Zheng Xiusheng, master Hou Yurui, master Yu Hai pill boil cabbage meat cooks).相关的主题文章: