The old man cheated his life savings of the crooks even paid tickets hotel — G

The old man cheated his life savings of   the crooks even paid tickets hotel – Guangxi channel, for its original title: liar cheated elderly life savings even expensive tickets hotel suspect Huang was brought back to Xiaoshan for the. Master Chen’s life is busier than ordinary people. Native of Shandong, he is 67 years old this year, the development of early retirement in the south, also do some small business, so often is the Zhejiang Shandong two runs. Master Chen and the boss likes the landscape of Hangzhou, in recent years, Xiaoshan Ning Wai rented room, from time to time to come. However, at the end of August this trip to Hangzhou, not from the original master chen. This is because in August 24th, Chen received a phone call. The other claiming to be a Mobile Corporation, said his phone number tied to a fixed telephone in Shanghai, the presence of abnormal accounts, Shanghai police are investigating. See here, the reader must guess, this is posing with the "public security" telecommunications fraud. Yes, it is such a phone call, liar eventually Chen master from Shandong, Yantai, cheated to Hangzhou, his 2 million 550 thousand yuan savings all out! Cheat cost buy air tickets sent back to Hangzhou card master Chen mentioned "Shanghai police", soon came on the phone, tell the master Chen alleged fraud. In the case of fraud, a suspect accused him of selling a bank card to the Bank of China Merchants, and profit on the yuan. Master Chen suspicion. The other party then sent a web site, so that the master Chen himself confirmed. Open a look, there is a master with photos and personal information of the arrest warrant, address, occupation and other information are correct. As soon as he looked, he panicked. Liar immediately spoke with menace told Chen master, if you want to "cleanse" themselves, should be a good fit, or to make arrests. First of all, be sure to keep this secret, otherwise it will involve family. Secondly, the police to master Chen’s bank account security checks, the need to inform the master Chen Bank card account number and identity card number. Master Chen find, found his bank card is not around, but fell in the residence of Hangzhou. How to do this? This time, a liar is under the original capital, he simply help master Chen ordered to return to Hangzhou ticket and hotel. (Chen Lulu, commissioning editor Pang Guanhua) original title: old man cheated liar even life savings paid tickets hotel black under the remote operation was transferred out of 2 million 550 thousand yuan for the evening, master Chen to Hangzhou, the hotel occupancy. The second day early in the morning, let crooks master Chen home and go to the bank card, online banking. Took the card, do online banking, fraud in the name of security so that master Chen back to the hotel. Master Chen some doubts, I have rented a house in Xiaoshan, ah, why do you want to stay in the hotel? A liar could bate, don’t you believe the police? From yesterday, such a long time, from you to book air tickets to the hotel later, you have been in our monitoring below, only our public security organs have so much power to monitor a person." Master Chen was shocked. Liar also asked him to enter a web site on the hotel computer. Enter the black screen! Chen)相关的主题文章: