The nouveau riche customer credit 170 thousand to buy lottery tickets without actually winning new n

The "nouveau riche" customer credit 170 thousand to buy lottery tickets without actually winning to new network – Jinling Evening News (correspondent reporter Xu Ning Xuan Gong Yu) recently, Nanjing Yuhuatai police received a lottery betting station owner Mr. Wang alarm, called a "nouveau riche" customer credit often come to the shop to buy lottery tickets bought 170 thousand lottery tickets. That didn’t win even after refusing to pay. According to the police Wang, Yang refused to pay his patrons, he bought a lot of years in the lottery, are usually bought in large quantities, hundreds of thousands of single shot very generous. Before going on a number of awards continued, most of the time in 60 thousand, two were due to buy lottery tickets became friends, often buy what digital in a piece of research to winning lottery. The evening of September 6th, Mr. Wang Yang came to the betting station, an opening is said to buy 170 thousand lottery tickets, but they have no money, want to credit to let Mr. Wang advance. Yang evening drink good mood, Mr. Wang thought that Yang is a big boss, the real "nouveau riche", and his old patron, before never defaulted lottery fees, can not just sweep people’s interest, then to advance the 170 thousand yuan for Yang buy a lottery. A few days later, in the store after the lottery number Yang found a winning lottery ticket in the 170 thousand. Yang is very angry, feel the 170 thousand boondoggle, then turned away to repudiate the money. Mr. Wang a look at the situation is not right, quickly stopped trying to go out Yang, let him buy lottery money to go. Yang did not think it would give money to win, he is the loss of the party, and Mr. Wang quarreled. On September 9th at 0:36 in the morning, Yuhuatai police station rushed to the lottery station, understand the incident of Yang was criticized, and patience to mediate between the two sides. Finally, Yang promised to give Mr. Wang wrote IOUs, said he didn’t win just because the money is angry moment, must as soon as possible. Buy lottery tickets on credit when things happen, but is usually a hundred dollars. But a debt is 170 thousand yuan, Mr. Wang is also the first encounter, "thought the other is more, I will let him credit. I want to remind colleagues now, we must first make money, then the ticket, when credit refused to give money, suffer is our own. It is a small business, if they really do not give money, one year is equal to the white work".相关的主题文章: