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"The murderer" also issued deletion Dong Xiaofeng attack "live" exposure "entertainment – Sohu also" hit "the murderer murderer is" precious exposure deletion entertainment Sohu directed by Cao Baoping, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Tan Zhuo, Wang Yanhui, Yan Bei, Sun Lei starred in the movie "the murderer. Also" since September 14th since the release, reputation, attention continued to rise. Murder scene and black humor in the interlocking plot, ups and downs and let the audience address him enjoyable. "The murderer" also exposed part of the deleted scenes, not only Zhang Yi, Tan Zhuo special passion play, more "star killer" Dong Xiaofeng (Zhang Yishi) a complete kill fragment. The movies make people laugh Liu Ye "catch the pig" fragment, let people aftertaste more and a little more for the understanding of black humor style.     "the murderer" also exposed precious deletion all starring film "good wind play charm pupil also" since its release, there are a lot of the audience was impressed by the serious crime story of humorous shell, and starring in the film performance is even more amazed people. The day before, the film once again issued a Madden deleted scenes, "five star killer" (Zhang Yishi Dong Xiaofeng) the "live" exposure, naked show killer ruthless and cruel; but another fragment, Dong Xiaofeng and Sister Ping (Tan Zhuoshi) in the KTV pack touching screen, but people can not think deep as he actually really will kill. In addition a positive fragment is very good to show the film in black humor elements: Liu Ye and pig rolled the picture, quietly passing out the "good faith" theme film. In feature films, Zhang Yi, Tan Zhuo’s passion play is only that the deletion of exposure, the stars get more show wonderful acting. Zhang Yi and Tan Zhuo in the passion of the play, there is nothing to do, the man was his beloved woman comfort when the performance of the most vividly. Liu Ye and the "catch the pig" called the entire film punchline: fragments of more extreme expression, "good faith" and the theme of humorous point out, let the audience have more thinking in laughing at the same time. Cao Baoping, director of the talk about the passion of the drama of Zhang Yi and said, "this play plays a certain role in the role of the. In a sense, all things are related to desire, including sex and money. For such a dancer and a killer emotion, is the substance of things, on the basis of their. Sexual attraction is an important foundation to support the relationship between two people." Therefore, the passion play plays an important role in the film: this way, two lives between the kink relationship can be presented directly. The ultimate pursuit of the ultimate acting "murderer is forging" by bursting reputation in this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, Liu Ye with "the murderer" also won the Jin Jue award winner, to make the fans are looking forward to the actor’s performance. After the release of the film, not only Liu Ye "Jin Jue award winner" title in the hearts of the audience to sit, starring Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen and other Wang Ziwen, Tan Zhuo, Wang Yanhui, et al. The performance also gain a lot of praise..相关的主题文章: