The movie quack boot – Hengdian smile Ao Kung Fu Master turned Entertainment –

The movie "quack" boot – Hengdian smile Ao Kung Fu Master turned Entertainment – Sohu "laughing ramble quack" boot ceremony was held in the Hengdian Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling article) in October 27th, the movie "laughing fly ring" boot ceremony was held in Hengdian. Directed by Li Kelong and starring Xie Mengwei, appeared to. In recent years, more and more mature – comedy style, the role of the fist Kung Fu, he said there will be a lot of girls, many chase fights and funny drama. "Laughing about martial arts family travel arena" Du Shangwu was born in and learn from the process of its accident killed, then escape the rivers and Lakes Road, along the way do false eat idly without work as a security guard and a strange combination of circumstances into the theater, a series of ridiculous but the warmth of the touching story with his beloved girl, crew, Daming magnitude characters. – in the film becomes a kung fu master works in recent years – blowout, last month "housing", "women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang" in the three prime time TV premiere earlier, "Ma Xiangyang" also replayed countless times to the countryside, was shot in the annual drama "military alliance" is Hengdian hot shot, released on a monthly comedy film "three bad guys" is to get a good reputation, his comedy style has gradually mature. In the play, played by Du Shangwu – born martial arts family, Kung Fu quite amazing, and the happy image and past roles far, he admitted that there will be a lot of girls, after fighting and fleeing funny plot, is eagerly looking forward to. "Little soldier" from Xie Mengwei Xie Mengwei once the hilarious "little soldier" to today’s muscle man, he played in the film is Du Shangwu and learn by "death" of Wang Haoqiang, in fact just coma, many hilarious twists appear in the "road track" Du Shangwu. It is reported that the film fusion comedy, Kung Fu, love, rivers and lakes, drama and other elements of the play, so that the film is also more conducive to the increase of the audience to accept, the film is expected in July 21, 2017 to meet with the audience in the theater.相关的主题文章: